50,000 food supply packs distributed to needy

THE Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in people losing their livelihoods as well as families in dire straits as putting food on the table is a constant worry.

With the number of confirmed cases surpassing 10,000 cases a day, the prospect of lifting the lockdown seems distantly remote.

During this difficult time, many businesses and non-governmental organisations have made a concerted effort to step up and help those who cannot afford to have meals.

Nirvana Asia Group founder and executive chairman Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong, who has kept a close watch on the pandemic’s development, has distributed more than RM16mil in humanitarian aid since the outbreak began last year with the hope of helping more people survive.

This includes an RM8mil donation of medical equipment and food supplies to address the urgent need of medical supplies, and looking into the needs of low-income groups.

The Star Metro, 3 Aug 2021.

At the same time, the group’s NV Foundation planned year-round anti-pandemic public welfare activities such as distributing charity meal boxes while providing funds to poor families.

The pandemic is not slowing down and it has caused more people to suffer especially this year.

This has not escaped Kong’s attention as he believes that one should always “return what you take from society”.

Its second Sumbangan Prihatin Covid-19 campaign was initiated and saw 50,000 food supply packs donated to poor families and people in need.

While 10,000 were distributed in cooperation with Sin Chew Daily to the needy, the remaining 40,000 was handed out through Nirvana’s branches and state assemblymen.

The campaign aims to provide food to people in these difficult times and remind them that “we should persist, the pandemic will pass, and the most important thing is ensure everyone holds on to life.”

Its main purpose was to help more people in need regardless of race and religion, he said.

Kong is calling on everyone to help each other, work together to halt the spread of Covid-19, observe the standard operating procedure and take note of personal hygiene for a better tomorrow.



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