A mysterious brown beverage that incorporates sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and astringency, embodies the diversity of life. Each tiny coffee bean carries its unique flavour, contributing to the protagonist’s life experiences, and creating a harmonious yet distinctive melody.
Coffee, with its elegant aroma drifting through the air, and life, with its ever-changing experiences, both go through a process of refinement. Coffee grounds in the filter extract layers of flavour and aroma, producing the best and unique taste when combined with water at the right temperature. Similarly, life’s experiences and encounters, in the passage of time, create a script for our ideal life, composing a personal melody of our own.
When coffee is extracted from the beans in the filter, it marks a beautiful respite in life. The gentle reminder from the coffee in the cup is that brewing a pot of coffee is not just a process but a reflection of life. An open-minded and adaptive attitude towards challenges and opportunities allows life to be filled with a unique flavour.
Coffee beans and life both undergo ups and downs to achieve the perfect flavour. However, when each scene of life and every coffee bean are put into the filter together, what kind of taste will it produce? Even though the ethereal aroma of coffee will eventually fade away with the wind, the Life Café will continue to present fascinating life contents, and you can savour the unique taste of life.