Funeral Arrangements: Is There A Need for A Nirvana Life Plan?

You might think, ‘When I go, I just go’, and I can leave all the other matters to my loved ones to take care of. Well, technically, you can, but you can also pre-plan what happens after you depart, right down to what happens at your memorial, who takes care of your body, and your preferred choice of casket.

Pre-planning doesn’t only mean choosing the setting of your wake and religion-related funeral rites, the location of your final resting place, it also means entrusting a service provider with a whole list of support services, paperwork and applications, and possibly how the event can be remembered.

Introducing Nirvana Life Plan, a one-stop, all-inclusive plan that you can decide and select in advance, determining what will happen when you depart, and lessening the burden of your after-life matters from your family. 

Is there really a need to engage in a Nirvana Life Plan? Let us take a look at the services included in the plan.

  • Talking things through in advance

If you have your preferences and concerns about your funeral and wakes, and you do not wish to trouble your immediate family members, one option will be to talk with an authorised representative from our Nirvana team

Our team of dedicated bereavement care officers understand your needs, and provides an avenue for you to voice your concerns, and ask any questions you may have about death care related needs such as funeral proceedings, memorial services, burial, cremation and options of final resting places.

A 24-hour careline service means you can reach us anytime, as and when you may have a concern or a query. It could be an emergency situation, or questions about pre-planning, and you can trust that a Nirvana care officer or agent will be on hand to assist you.

Our careline is also used for reporting of death, as well as any pre-planning related enquiries.

  • For detailed, complete service

More often than not, most of us will decide on a funeral service provider or funeral director, and they will take care of everything for us. ‘They know best’, we believe, and leave it all in their hands; but do you know that we can actually decide on many of the details in advance? 

From the setting of the funeral parlour to our casket, down to requesting for specific flowers and music to be played, these are just some of the things we can plan and choose, through the Nirvana Life Plan.

More importantly, the Plan provides dedicated support from reporting of death right until the end of all proceedings. This includes any clearance and permits required, embalming services, and even the final urn and its placement.

For females, you can request for the exclusive Nirvana White Ladies service, where an all-female professional service team in Malaysia will take care of the entire bereavement care arrangement, from female embalmers and beautician, through to female religious mourning team and masters-of-ceremony for the memorial sessions.

  • Top-notch Logistical Provisions and Coordination

Wakes and funerals are often rushed affairs, with many things that need to be attended to within less than a week. With Nirvana Life Plan, everything can be arranged, and everything can be catered to (and personalised, if you so prefer.) 

That means less hassle for the family and loved ones.

As mentioned, the funeral service (and any memorial ceremony) can be catered according to the chosen religion of the deceased. The Plan includes a dedicated Consultation & Support Team, who will be able to guide the family through every step of the way.

Nirvana Life Plan also includes all necessary logistical support, including set-up of canopy, majestic altar, decorated photo frame, light refreshments, mourning garments, prayer materials and confectionery gifts, plus support staff stationed at the event site.

Coordination is the key to a smooth funeral procession to complete the process. On top of key logistics, the Nirvana team will also be in-charge of sealing the casket, and providing manpower to manage the running of the ceremony. 

Going beyond to providing you the best service, you may also opt to top-up for additional items, such as a collection of photos from the ceremony stored in a flash drive and provision and distribution of thank-you cards.

With Nirvana Life Plan, we do more than just provide a funeral service, we are dedicated to offering you everything you may need, and hope for. 

Consider how you would like to celebrate your life, and pre-plan your departure with Nirvana Life Plan. Not only will you be able to live with peace of mind, your family and loved ones will be assured they will not be burdened when the inevitable happens and instead be gifted with the privilege to remember the best of you. Speak with any of our authorised Nirvana agents today, or contact us through our careline at 1800-88-1818, or email at