YEAR 2021

Nirvana Enlightenment Ceremony

The seventh month of the lunar calendar celebrates one of the most important festival days of the Chinese community. Known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, Ulambana Festival or Zhongyuan Festival, In conjunction with this festival, Nirvana organizes the Enlightenment Ceremony annually during this period to commemorate and pray for departed ancestors and appease unfortunate beings in the realm of suffering so that they find release and rebirth.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Nirvana will be complying with the standard operating procedures and pandemic prevention measures advocated by the government. As such the 2021 Enlightenment Ceremony will be coordinated through the use of technology and innovation and live-streamed online. All members of the public are invited to participate together in this online event and pray for blessings and happiness from home.

Services we provide

Nirvana organizes the Enlightenment Ceremony annually at our memorial parks during the seventh lunar month. We consider it our traditional obligation to cultivate merit for the departed through various services offered to ensure they may find peace and their loved ones prosper and be blessed with good health.

Merit for the departed soul

To free begins in the Six Domains of Reincarnation from suffering and to achieve rebirth in the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss quickly. It is an act of gratitude towards the Buddha’s teaching, filial piety, and the kindness of other beings.

Baby seat altar

Pray for these infant spirits, by protecting their spirit and soul to enable them to reincarnate for a better life.

karmic debtors

Pray for these Karmic Debtors of previous lives or wandering souls of this life, helping to repay and free ourselves from karma debts.

merit of longevity

To ward off negative karma, pray for happiness and wisdom, obstacle-free career and harmonious family.

Central Region Package

The scheduled dates of the Enlightenment Ceremonies may be subject to change in accordance to the pandemic situation or announcement by the government of Malaysia.

Nirvana center KL (nirvana 2)

DATE : 29.8.2021 (Sunday)

TIME : 10am-5pm

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Nirvana Memorial Park (Kulai)

DATE : 27.8.2021 – 29.8.2021

TIME : 9.30am-3pm

Nirvana Memorial Park (Tiram)

DATE : 10.8.2021

TIME : 9am-5pm

50,000 food supply packs distributed to needy

50,000 food supply packs distributed to needy THE Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in people losing their livelihoods as well as families in dire...


富贵集团与星洲【疫起送暖】 1万份生命粮送交申请者 星洲日报不负所托,动员全国各地办事处同事分工合作,终于把富贵集团委托的1万份生命粮,送抵受疫情影响生计的申请者手中。 多个组织人士情义相挺...


【疫起送暖】 “疫”起加油 柔3900户家庭获援助由星洲日报和富贵集团发起的“疫起送暖”计划,获柔佛6个地区的热心及无私慈善团体、组织、社团及志工们连日奔波忙碌义务操办下,终于完成了为3900户需救援家庭及时送上了生活物资,让大家都能在无情疫情中,“疫”起加油。...


【疫起送暖】生命粮 助渡困 受惠家庭:及时雨星洲日报怡保办事处人员,分工合作,将生命粮一一送出。星洲日报与富贵集团响应民间自救运动,合作推出“疫起送暖”计划,霹雳州各地区急需协助的家庭陆续获得“生命粮”,受惠家庭形容这犹如及时雨,协助他们得以暂渡难关。【疫起送暖到 -...




【疫起送暖】欠房租水电 近断炊 民众:生命粮及时雨“有头发边个想做癞痢?若非到几近断炊的地步,有谁愿意厚着脸皮,向其他人求助?又有谁要到四处去领取物资,来解燃眉之急?” 以上这些话语,是这几天几乎每名前来本报巴生办事处和吉隆坡办事处领取物资者的心声,听了直叫人心酸。...


星洲日报与富贵集团携手合作发起“疫起送暖”济贫运动,右起为富贵开发有限公司高级执行员胡韵婷、本报槟州发行主任洪福兴、富贵开发有限公司北马、印尼雅加达和棉兰区首席营运员江健弘、本报槟州业务促进主任邱武才、发行主任林思德和富贵开发有限公司市场执行员吴佳恬。疫起送暖到北马 疫期陷困...


“疫起送暖”到关丹 派300生命粮助渡难关冠病肆虐逾18个月,经济被按下暂停键,送暖活动不间断,生命粮成及时粮,助陷困民众暂渡难关,迎接更好的到来。 星洲日报与富贵集团推出“疫起送暖”计划日前开始在各地进行,关丹办事处也于日前始派发300份生命粮予受惠者。...


“疫起送暖”到马六甲 校长代清寒生申请生命粮本报业务促进执行员廖凯盈(左一)移交物资予育民小学校长郑国华。“病毒无情,人间有爱”,冠病疫情笼罩之下,马六甲不少市民饱受经济压力,生活陷入困境,星洲日报和富贵集团合作送出“疫起送暖”生命粮,温情送暖,暂解燃眉之急!...

救急粮 · 及时雨

李成香(前排左)和其母亲竖起大拇指,向星洲日报与富贵集团表达谢意,后排左起为星洲媒体集团执行董事兼星洲日报首席执行员许春,和企业公关及业务促进部经理邱纪福。谢谢看到我们的焦虑…… 救急粮 ...