Funeral Arrangements in Malaysia: Why is Funeral Pre-Planning Important.

We often think it’s taboo to discuss death and after-life, and we think that when the time comes, someone will take care of our funeral matters. 

However, we all have given it some thought, how we wish to depart from this world, how we imagine our wake will be like, and most importantly, how we wish for our remains to be treated and how we hope to be remembered.

More often than not, death comes at times when we least expect it. Without pre-planning for it, our family and loved ones will be left in the lurch, having little time to assemble a proper funeral, and a good send off.

Here are three reasons why funeral pre-planning is important, and how to go about pre-planning for it.

Choosing the right rites

A big influence on the style and format of a funeral is the deceased’s chosen faith. Buddhism, Taoism, or Christianity, each one has different customary and religious practices that are carried out during the wake and funeral. It dictates the setting of the funeral parlour. It details the prayer rites needed.

During pre-planning, you will get to decide how you wish for your wake and funeral to be like, which religious rites to follow, and perhaps how you would like the hall to be decorated.

If you leave everything unplanned for your loved ones to organise, some unexpected issues may arise. For people who are more casual with their faith, your loved ones might inadvertently use the wrong religious rites. This might happen for those who haven’t openly declared their faith, especially freethinkers. With proper pre-planning this can be avoided.

Budget and Expenses

Some may have the view that funerals are costly, and more often than not, just showy affairs. However, funerals are more than just customary and religious affairs for the departed; they provide a proper avenue for the bereft to mourn and heal as well as to share sentiments, pay their final respects and remember the departed.

We all have our individual wishes and expectations for our funerals, and pre-planning for it means we get to decide and budget for it. At the same time, it helps lessen any financial burden on our loved ones.

Setting a budget and pre-planning funeral matters will help offset any cost and expenditure issues in the event of an unexpected death. Your family will not need to be burdened with an immediate large lump sum to finance a funeral and you will also be able to take charge of this responsibility yourself through your own financial planning. 

Will you remember me?

Most importantly, how would you like to be remembered? Do you prefer burial or cremation? Where do you wish to be laid to rest? Do you prefer a traditional cemetery, or a landscaped memorial park like Nirvana Memorial Park

There are many options, and pre-planning your after-life matters means you can decide for yourself. 

In fact, you can also choose to be laid to rest alongside your extended family members. What are the Feng Shui criteria best suited to you in terms of final resting place or the decor of parlour to host your wake. Perhaps, you may wish to commission a special tablet to commemorate your life. 

Pre-planning these things will give your loved ones peace of mind to focus on what truly matters during a tragedy – mourning, finding closure and healing.

How to pre-plan funeral matters?

There are many options, including personal pre-planning where you do your own research and note down your preferences, talking it through with a closest aide who will be able to assist you in managing these matters, or contacting a funeral service provider to set the details.

Nirvana Asia Group has introduced the Nirvana Life Plan, an all-inclusive process that assists and guides one through pre-planning to execution of the funeral plans, so you can be assured that your wishes are in place, and your family can focus on grieving.

Nirvana Life Plans are designed to be hassle-free, bringing together Nirvana Malaysia’s range of best services and products

At the pre-planning stage, you get to select from five pre-arranged plans, which come in varying price ranges, catered to every budgetary concern. They are highly customisable, and are suited to different religious beliefs (Taoist, Buddhist and Christian).

All the minute details are then taken care of by the professional Nirvana team, from securing and organizing transportation of the deceased, all necessary documentations, permits and paperwork, through to holding of the wake and funeral, as per agreed requests, with minimal involvement from the bereft.

Making pre-planning easier, Nirvana Asia Group has a team of dedicated service personnel located at our branches nationwide, as well as a wide network of professional authorised agents who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Pre-planning is essential for oneself, because we don’t wish for our loved ones to have one too many things to worry about. When we pre-plan well, we know that we can leave worry-free.