Launching of the “KAIGO Professional Elderly Caregiving Training”

Co-organisers: Nirvana Asia Group, Sin Chew Daily, New Era University College

The first class of the “KAIGO Professional Elderly Caregiving Training”, a joint initiative of Nirvana Asia Group, Sin Chew Daily and New Era University College (NEUC) commenced yesterday at NEUC! The course focuses on the Japanese approach at elderly care, with the hope that the elderly can be treated with dignity in their golden years.

KAIGO is the Japanese way of caring for the elderly. The core concept is “self-sufficiency support”, which advocates allowing the elderly to do what they can do on their own and supporting them in what they cannot, so that they can live independently and with dignity. The Japanese is an aging population and caregivers are professionals in the country.

The course aims to prepare our country to become a nation with an aged population, attracting over 80 participants from all over Malaysia who are Nirvana Asia Group life managing directors. The participants, both young and old, will receive a six-month training to enhance their knowledge of elderly caregiving.

Professor Mok Soon Chong: Learn how to take care of the elderly at home by yourself

Professor Mok Soon Chong, Vice-Chancellor of NEUC, said at the commencement ceremony that aging, illness and death are part of life, and in Chinese culture, the old and young are seen as vulnerable and in need of care from the able-bodied. In “The Conveyance of Rites” chapter of the “Book of Rites” states, “Do not only take care of your own kin, do not only raise your own children.” Later, Mencius also similarly stated, “Respect the old and care for the young,” which means not only caring for one’s own elders and children, but also taking caring of the elders and children of others.

“We hope that the elderly will have a fulfilling life in their old age, and that the young and able-bodied will make good use of their energy and life, while the children will have the opportunity to grow and develop,” Prof. Mok said, “Learning elderly caregiving is not only about preparing for the elderly at home, but also about preparing for all people as well as for ourselves for the future. That is why NEUC established the Institute of Aging and Professional Care (INSTAPROC) three years ago.”

Datin Lee Jye Chyi: Plant the seeds to deal with an aging society

Nirvana Memorial Park (Malaysia Central Region) Sales and Marketing Chief Executive Officer, Datin Lee Jye Chyi also participated in the course with the students. She expressed that when the caregiving course was launched, she asked herself if it was related to the business, and if it would be recognised and accepted by the management and agents. However, after completing two lectures, she is certain that a life managing director who has completed the “KAIGO Professional Elderly Caregiving Training” will definitely be more well-rounded and qualified.

Lee pointed out that the pressure on family caregivers is unimaginable for ordinary people. During the day, the elderly relies on caregivers for assistance with turning over, eating, going to the toilet and so on, making it difficult for caregivers to leave the elderly for even a moment, let alone go on trips. At night, the elderly cough or other frequent disturbances can also prevent caregivers from getting rest, leaving them physically and mentally exhausted over time. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated issue in our society, and it is often observed that one elderly person is taking care of another.

“As society changes, the phenomenon of marrying late has led to a decline in birth rates, which exacerbates the issue of aging,” Lee warned, “In ten or twenty years, our country will be a nation of elderly people, and I will be one of them. If we still feel that this issue does not concern us now and only start preparing when we become old, we will become one of those pitiable old people who need to be taken care of in the eyes of others.”


Lee explained that Nirvana Asia Group has been focused on the issue of elderly caregiving for three years. Together with NEUC, Nirvana Asia will now promote the “KAIGO Professional Elderly Caregiving Training”, which also happens to be the first course in the “Honouring the Elderly” campaign series to promote elderly care. Lee hopes that the life managing directors can bring the knowledge they have learned to more families and plant the seeds of goodness in society.

Yesterday was the first class for the participants and renowned experts were invited to deliver lectures, including Malaysian Association for Social Care Professionals and Homes (MASOC CARE) advisor, Izawa Keiichi, SumLuck Japan director and Smart Wellness Sdn. Bhd. general manager, Elvis Wong and NEUC INSTAPROC director, Assoc. Prof. Edward Foo and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences dean, Dr. Ng Yean Leng. The lectures were delivered in a lively manner with simulations and demonstrations. Best of all, the classes were filled with laughter as participants learn valuable lessons.

The commencement ceremony was also attended by MASOC CARE vice chairman, Kok Fook Leong, and secretary general, Dr. Melody Ang, NEUC Department of Guidance and Counselling Psychology head, Dr. Keh Foo Bee, and Nirvana Memorial Park (Malaysia Central Region) Agency Learning Centre and Event & Promotion general manager, Choong Wai Cheong.