Nirvana Memorial Park: Choosing my final resting place

Have you given thought about where you will be laid to rest after you depart from this life? Would you prefer your remains to be buried, or be eternally remembered at a grand and dignified hall of a columbarium? The choice is yours, at Nirvana’s memorial parks, where there is a wide variety of options available, catering to different religious beliefs and preferences. 

There are 14 memorial parks and centres located across Malaysia, and they each have different types of facilities and services. Take a look at what makes Nirvana’s memorial parks special, and consider pre-planning and choosing your final resting place in advance.

It all begins with good Feng Shui

What is good Feng Shui? That’s when an environment harmoniously consists of five auspicious aspects: mountain (also termed ‘dragon’), meridian spot, water source, protective embrace and direction. 

Feng Shui  dictates many aspects of Nirvana’s memorial parks. The parks and their structures are constructed following the principles of Feng Shui, and every burial plot and columbarium is carefully designed to render good fortune, prosperity and blessings to the descendants from their ancestors.

Maintenance and upkeep of the grounds is also a key factor in maintaining good Feng Shui, therefore, Nirvana has set up a maintenance trust fund, to ensure long-term maintenance of the parks and garden.

Burial plots amidst natural tranquility

Apart from excellent Feng Shui, Nirvana’s memorial parks are set amidst lush greenery, providing a tranquil, serene environment for the departed to rest in peace, and also a lovely place for visitors to reflect and contemplate as they pay their respects.

There are different types of burial plots to choose from. The Royal Family Burial Plot closely follows traditional Chinese thoughts and philosophies, where members of a family can be placed in close proximity, just like how falling leaves always land close to the tree’s roots. Togetherness is the key here, and you can choose to be laid to rest with your loved ones at the end of your journey in life. The design of the Royal Family Burial Plot is also considerably elevated and distinctively grand, adding to the spirit of reunion and in celebration of family.

Also glorifying and commemorating the notion of family is our Family Burial Plots. Individually personalized to convey different family stories, you can choose how the family can be remembered in the future, be it with a poem, or unique, special carvings.

Man and nature come together at our Double and Single Plots. The parks are designed to bring about a harmonious sense, where the landscaping is inspired by the natural surroundings. The regular plots are no less idyllic, letting the departed rest amidst serene nature that soothes the soul and calms the heart.

Inspired by the “Kingdom of Heaven”, our Christian Memorial Garden is a simple yet elegant and dignified resting place catering to those of the Christian faith. Orderly rows of burial plots, a wide selection of beautiful headstone, it is also set in a natural, tranquil and picturesque environment. Our Christian Memorial Garden also has a columbarium set within the vicinity.

World-class columbaria for all

Do you think that memorialising and honouring the departed in a columbarium sounds like it’s lacking in individuality and uniqueness? Think again. Nirvana’s columbaria are simply different. Characterised by supreme architecture of unparalleled magnificence and distinctive designs, they aren’t just rows and rows of walls anymore. Plus, it helps solve the problem of land scarcity.

Choose from sumptuously decorated columbaria, or simple yet elegant ones, whichever suits your preference and needs.

Luxurious columbaria, most notably Nirvana’s Ming Palace 3 is inspired by the Lingshan Brahma Palace in China, and doesn’t hold back on its pageantry. Filled with warmth and a touch of opulence, plus intricate sculptures adorning the halls, it makes a great choice for those looking for a luxurious place to call an eternal home.

Mostly white, bright and calm, Nirvana’s modern columbaria make a great choice for those who prefer a place with minimalistic elements. Vibrant, artistic lines set amidst an auspicious environment, the hall itself feels timeless and opulent.

If the outdoors is your preferred choice, and you appreciate ancient Chinese architecture, the multi-million ringgit Oriental Villa, a signature masterpiece of Nirvana Memorial Garden in Semenyih, should be considered. Surrounded by lush greenery and lovely waterways, this place provides a feeling of dignified peace for you and your loved ones.

Nirvana’s memorial parks offer not just a resting place, but also cater to a range of services, such as regular prayer services and enlightenment ceremonies. 

Read more about pre-planning for your after-life matters, and consider the options available. Speak to a member of our team to learn more, or have a virtual tour of Nirvana’s various memorial parks and centres.