Funeral Arrangements for Pets in 2021: A Guide

There’s nothing quite like the special bond we share with our furry companions. They’ve been with us, provided much joy and comfort for us, accompanied us through dark times and shared many happy moments with us. When the time comes for them to depart, it’s only fair that we give them a loving, dignified send off. 

We’re talking about our beloved pets and how to make funeral arrangements for them, to always be remembered. 

There are two options pet owners may choose, for their pet’s remains to be buried at a pet memorial park, or cremated and the ashes kept in an urn. Either way makes a fitting tribute for the fur kid, and is perhaps better than just a home backyard burial.

Pet Funeral Services

Engaging a proper pet funeral service to take care of the pet loss helps in management of grief. You can trust that your four-legged friend is in good hands, and you can get a proper closure as it is sent off.

You may opt for your pet’s remains to be cremated, and to store the remains thereafter in an urn, for safekeeping and remembrance. 

There are also a number of pet burial gardens in Malaysia; tranquil green spaces where owners can visit their departed furry friends with dedicated tombstones, plots of various sizes, and even prayer services. There are various options available for you to best remember and care for your pets.

Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden

Located in Nirvana Memorial Park (Semenyih), Pet Memorial Garden is specially designed for woofing canines and purring felines, and is a one-stop funeral facility with complete care services. 


Pet owners can be assured of total peace of mind with our hassle-free solutions. The pet funeral service includes securing release of pet remains with dedicated transportation service, disinfection of pet remains, and respective burial or cremation procedure. The pet casket will also include floral decoration.

For cremated pets, you have the option to place the urn at our pet columbarium located within the park, or to bring them home.

Let the love for your pet flow, and let it never stop. Send them off with dignity, and cherish your shared moments together, forever in memory. Contact Nirvana Asia today for enquiries about our pet funeral services.