Rhyme of Life

Treasured memories remembered are hearts reunited again

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The “Rhyme of Life” – is an elegant and luxurious columbarium that integrates culture, style and six-star facilities. Designed to resemble a bibliothèque or library, it enables visitors to immerse themselves in a scholarly atmosphere and at the same time evoking the impression of a place where precious life stories are stored and collected.

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Rhyme of Life

We are all explorers in this existence called life

In every encounter in life

The eternal bonds of family, lovers and friends

Are like precious moments kept in our memories

Just like the beauty of stars that illuminates the night sky

And the rivers carving out the valleys of mountains

Even if the passage of time brings us apart

These memories will continue to shine

Every moment like a shimmering spark

Treasured memories remembered are hearts reunited again



The Rhyme of Life is a rarity among columbaria with unique super double and super single niche spaces with 13 individual designs to choose from. It is the only one in Southeast Asia that features an exterior, middle and interior “court” or compartment space; representing the transitioning of three generations, each generation inheriting the legacy of their predecessors.

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The Rhyme of Life is found in Suite A2-S1 of Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur (Nirvana 2) – a spiritual sanctuary located at Jalan Dewan Bahasa of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle and is easily accessible by public and private transport.

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Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur

8 benefits

  • Strategic location in a prime location downtown KL
  • Perfect integration of a columbarium and memorial hall
  • Multi-denominational
  • One-stop professional bereavement care service
  • Five-star facilities
  • A maintenance trust fund up to RM100 million
  • Extraordinary investment value
  • 0% interest instalment payment

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