Rebounding in 2022 Year of the Tiger

Preparing early to seize opportunities

According to the Chinese Calendar and Almanac, the first solar month is the month of the Tiger, which represents the Beginning of Spring and the start of a new year.  The Yi Jing trigram, called “Social Harmony”, is also known as “The spring comes in full form” and it symbolizes the beginning of the year and signifies an auspicious and prosperous start. At the same time, this is the Year of the Tiger and a tiger is seen as full of vigour and vitality.

Nirvana Asia Group’s chief Feng Shui consultant, Master Phillip Wong states that the Year of the Tiger us a very good year, meaning the situation may soon recover from the worst; just as “at a dead end, water would become spectacular, a person would reinvent himself”. Therefore, we must maintain an optimistic and positive attitude, stay calm, plan for the worst, make the best efforts, prepare early to seize opportunities and when the tide turns, you’ll be ready to welcome a bright future.

In the phrase “否極泰來”, “否” refers to the discord between heaven and earth or discord between the upper and lower levels, implying adversity and dissatisfaction. “泰” refers to the earth and heaven, implying smoothness and prosperity, everything is secure, stable and beautiful. According to the philosophy of Yi Jing, the evolution of all things in existence obey certain laws, of which “the extreme is bound to reverse”. Hence, “if misfortune reaches its limits”, then naturally “good luck is at hand”, and it is only the speed of the relative reaction of time.

He reveals that from past historical analysis, the Year of the Rat is the year of Yin and Yang; full of changes just like the hour of the Rat (11 p.m. – 1 a.m.) is the transition between night and morning. Every Year of the Rat is full of changes, but once you enter the Year of the Tiger, things are bound to turn around.

Master Phillip Wong advises that whether 2022 will be a year of great prosperity or not, everyone must make preparations to plan in advance and deploy everything in advance in order to seize the first opportunity and also create opportunities!

Sheng Ji Installation

Providing happiness, longevity and life transformation

Sheng Ji is the foundation of life. From the perspective of Feng Shui and astrology, it is to “compensate for innate deficiencies” and to provide blessings of happiness and longevity to one’s self or parents with the help of nature’s energy; installing a Sheng Ji can utilize “geographical advantage” of Feng Shui to improve one’s fortunes in career and wealth and use the national aura of mountains and rivers to achieve remarkable “lucky” results. According to traditional beliefs, installing a Sheng Ji for one’s parents or self means being able to face life and death with more calm and open-mindedness.

Master Phillip Wong explains that selecting the day to install Sheng Ji based on one’s personal Bazi can enhance the Feng Shui effect; but those who lack the elements of Wood, Fire and Earth in their Bazi five elements are more suited to install Sheng Ji in the Year of the Tiger to utilize its power to enhance and strengthen their fortunes.

It is said to be taboo to perform Feng Shui for Sheng or purchase burial plots during the New Year. Master Phillip Wong however thinks this is nonsense. In contrast, more and more people today choose to purchase burial plots during the New Year in order to pre-plan well.

“New Year is the best time to gather with loved ones and enhance emotional bonds. It is a great thing to discuss with loved ones about how to make family and life planning as soon as possible at this time.”

Master Phillip Wong states that it is good to take advantage of the arrival of the Year of the Tiger to perform Feng Shui, career and health planning.

“In career, we should improve our own resilience, and understand future trends and changes; so that we can deal with the shock and adapt accordingly. In terms of health, we should develop a good lifestyle and eat well, improve our immunity, and maintain a good mental state to face future challenges with an optimum mind. Meanwhile, with the help of Feng Shui, the magnetic field is enhanced through Sheng Ji; thereby enhancing vitality.”

  • Purchase burial plot in advance to provide blessings of happiness and longevity
  • Perform Feng Shui for Sheng Ji
  • Purchase longevity tablet space to extend lifespan and enhance prosperity
  • Purchase Nirvana Life Plan and pre-plan
Stars in the Night Sky

Stars in the Night Sky

we will become a star in the sky, becoming one among a sea of twinkling lights. We can always see our loved ones and friends in the night sky, so we won’t be alone

Worship offerings: Preserving tradition and keeping up with the times

Worship offerings: Preserving tradition and keeping up with the times

there is a traditional proverb for worship, that it is hoped that people should drink water and think of the source, and to pay careful attention to one’s parents’ funerary rites and to worship one’s ancestors. The children and descendants must remember that they owe it to the sacrifices of their ancestors that they get to enjoy the shade of the great trees and the fruits of their labour!