Nirvana Memorial Park (Ijok)

A vision of grandeur and classical charm
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Oriental Water Sanctuary: Contemporary style memorial park

Huizhou-style architecture is inseparable from words such as “surrounded by mountains and water”, “winding alleys”, “shifting scenery”, and “close to nature”. The design concept of “Oriental Water Sanctuary” inherits the old soul of Suzhou, Hangzhou and Huizhou, while combining neo-Orientalism and Zen elements of the Jiangnan Gardens to create a new landscaped memorial park with minimalistic stylings, lightness and elegance. The elaborate architecture structures have both traditional elements and aesthetics of contemporary design, perfectly combined in the most exquisite way like the harmony of Yin and Yang.

Celestial Ascension Pagoda

In ancient times, pagodas were originally built to enshrine the relics of eminent monks. The Celestial Ascension Pagoda serves as the sacred place for conducting the Ascension Ceremony. Before the ashes of the departed are inducted into the columbarium after cremation, the Ascension Ceremony is performed with the blessings of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, deities and other celestial beings.

Spring Blossom Street

The peach blossoms in Tao Yuanming’s landscape not only bloom in his fable of “The Peach Blossom Spring”, but also transform the image into a spectacular scene. This vibrant vision of spring is brought to life here at Spring Blossom Street.

The 350-meter-long Spring Blossom Street will be the most breathtaking tecoma trail in Malaysia – with a whole bank of tecoma trees blossoming in a spectacular fashion – not only enhancing the visual aesthetics, but also resembling a divine ribbon of colours amidst the verdant landscape.

Drifting Cloud Pavilion

The Drifting Cloud Pavilion is located at the highest point of Nirvana Memorial Park (Ijok). From a distance, it appears like a golden pavilion suspended beneath the blue sky, as if the abode of divinities.

Looking down from the high point of the pavilion, it is as if from the perspective of a celestial being whose attention has been diverted for just a moment by the view. The breathtaking memorial park laid out below in its entirety, and the ethereal beauty of the tecoma lined trail unfolding beneath one’s feet – like the flow of destiny and timeless love.

Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery

The Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery is a delightful place for visitors to explore and contemplate about the evolution of calligraphy or the philosophies of the sages. At the lotus pond and the arch bridge, it is as if you are witnessing a historical scene and a succession of dynasties. Through the touch of a hand, one can feel the essence and flow of cultural heritage, as if understanding the voice of the land.

A fusion of contemporary aesthetics and thematic landscaping

Dragon tortoise

The dragon tortoise sits on a high plateau – overlooking the land as if upon an auspicious throne – bestowing the mountain with blessings of prosperity. The image of the dragon tortoise is deeply rooted in the beliefs of Chinese society. With its knowledge of the cosmos, it has the power to gather vital Qi – blessing generations with prosperity and glory.

Seventh Heaven

“Seven” in religious or mythological cosmology carries the meaning of perfection, auspiciousness, glory and greatness, as well as a state of supreme happiness.

In Buddhist tradition, the Buddha took seven steps upon birth and lotus flowers sprang up in his footsteps; the Christian Bible records that God created the world in seven days; Japanese mythology referenced Seven Lucky Gods who are believed to grant good fortune.

“Seven” has come to hold unique and mystical dimensions in religion, mythology and culture.

A place where the soul may find peace

For this reason, we have created an unparalleled landscape called “Seventh Heaven” at the meandering river bank of Oriental Water Sanctuary. The terrain ranges from high to low, with numerous waterfalls and flowing pools in layers like a silver river cascading through a magical realm.

Here you can find charming sights in every corner and forget about time as you casually explore and take in the view.

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Elegant & harmonious

The columbaria of the Oriental Water Sanctuary are bright and elegant spaces that exude warmth and harmony. The upper levels of one of the columbaria is designed with a sense of dynamism interspersed with tecoma petal patterns against a beautiful landscape painting that invokes the most magnificent scenes of life.


A gallery of ever-enduring life stories

The columbaria are modern yet classical structures with a distinctive and timeless charm that provide a permanent and everlasting place for the departed to extend their blessings and protect future generations. The exterior is magnificent, while the interior of the buildings is designed in an elegant, minimalistic style to create a peaceful and carefree ambiance.

Burial Plot

With the choices of family, double and single plots, Nirvana Memorial Park (Ijok) offers well-planned burial plots constructed amidst a beautiful landscape and in harmony with the natural environment. Regardless of selection, the timeless tranquility and peaceful ambiance create an ideal space for eternal rest while the excellent Feng Shui brings blessings for generations to come – a secluded paradise that echoes of the Peach Blossom Spring.