Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh)

A New Concept Memorial Park

Soaring Qilin Boundless Wealth

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) is located on a trunk dragon originating from the Titiwangsa Mountain Range of the peninsular. In Feng Shui terms, dragons refer to the mountains which are the source of vital Qi. The incoming dragon exudes magnificent strength and undulates for many miles before coming to rest here, in a form that resembles a recumbent qilin (an auspicious creature in Chinese mythology) resting its head upon the earth.

Clear Water Sanctuary

Clear Water Sanctuary is an exclusive and unique area of the memorial park that evokes the mythical beauty of the Garden of Immortal Peaches; implying the sacredness and beauty of life through its rich and diverse flora.

The Golden Temple

Inspired by the sacred landmarks of the Tang dynasty

The Golden Temple is the essence of Tang Villa. The temple rises from the ground, stands tall and gleams against the sun. It is dazzling and spectacular; hence, its name “the Golden Temple”. The pinnacle of the temple is shaped like an exquisite sacred and beautiful lotus bud. The four corners of the eaves are raised and the delicate bucket arch carvings add to the lustre of the temple.

Tang Villa

Evoking the style of the prosperous Tang dynasty

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh)’s Tang Villa is a meticulously constructed columbarium by Nirvana Asia Group for the Chinese community of Perak. The whole structure imitates the style of ancient buildings from the Tang dynasty; the roof tiles, columns, doors and windows perfectly recreate the style of the prosperous Tang era.

The columbarium is located on a beautiful and scenic natural west-facing mountain 150 meters above sea level. The architectural style exudes the richness and charm of the ancient Tang dynasty while maintaining an oriental Zen. The overall space adopts a colour combination of dark brown, rose gold and tea for a calm and restrained feel that has the ability to soothe the soul.

The great mercy and compassion of the thousand-armed Avalokitesvara

“Thousand” is symbolic of infinite perfection. Thousand arms represent protection of sentient beings and immeasurable great compassion. A white 10-foot tall Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara stands in the temple, signifying the infinite power of saving the world and connecting with all beings. The top of the statue is decorated with the mandala while the the bottom is presented with the design of a water ripple – creating a solemn and awe-inspiring effect and symbolizing the rising of wisdom and blessings.

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Pavilion 2

A sky full of stars in harmony with heaven and earth

The columbarium’s inner sanctum embodies the beauty of two great artistic elements: the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper and the caisson ceiling. The pinnacle of the sanctum, the “Seven Stars of the Big Dipper” are the main highlight surrounded by myriads of stars symbolizing immortality. The central caisson ceiling in the sanctum is illuminated with crystal lamps to form an ornate decoration, highlighting the yearning for the “heaven beyond the heavens”.

Burial Plot

Glory and prestige

The Family Burial Plot is located in a prestigious area of the memorial park that adopts a broad and profound Feng Shui design. The plot extolls family glory and pays homage to one’s ancestors so that descendants may remember them for many years to come.

The double burial plots are well-organized and well-structured, with a perfectly designed environment so that the departed can rest in peace here.

Christian Eternal Garden

Modern and stylish, simplicity with timeless aesthetics

Eternal Garden is the first and most spectacular resting place for Christians in Ipoh, Perak. It is built in a peaceful and beautiful location, amidst natural greenery and tranquility. Eternal Garden was designed based on the concept of “faith, hope and love” that combines light and space to accentuate simplicity and timeless aesthetics. Featuring a pure white theme rich with sacred Christian images, it creates a peaceful and comfortable environment for visitors who come to remember their loved ones.