Generations of prosperity in the dominion of mighty dragons

Asia’s largest integrated bereavement care provider

Established in 1990, Nirvana Asia Group is a premier provider of comprehensive international-standard bereavement care services

RM100 million maintenance trust fund

Nirvana has a maintenance trust fund of up to RM100 million to ensure long-term management and maintenance of its memorial parks, including roadways, landscaping and facilities. 

A blossoming afterlife garden

Spanning across 128 acres, Nirvana Memorial Park (Karak) showcases a fusion of neo-oriental architecture and natural landscape design.

Nine Dragons enfolding the Meridian point

The precious landforms of Nirvana Memorial Park (Karak) evoke the imagery of nine dragons encircling the park that symbolizes powerful and auspicious forces; hence, the name “Nine Dragons Enfolding the Meridian Point”. The terrain possesses numerous unique Feng Shui geographical conditions, bestowing immense blessings and prosperity for the descendants of those who rest here.

The first majestic and mighty “dragon” (mountain) approaches together with four guardian dragons on each side, enfolding and infusing the land with boundless vitality and vigour. The undulating path of the dragon that rises and falls, creates powerful and majestic Qi that bestows stability, growth and opportunities.

Jade Belt and Official’s Hat

rendering boundless fortune and great glory

A meandering river lies to the front, passes through the bright hall. The deep and flowing water, akin to a “Jade Belt”, embraces the front of the bright hall; bringing forth an ambiance of renewal and abundance. The presence of the surrounding hills and the layered mountains signify career ascent and boundless possibilities of pursuits.

It is worth noting that to the distant front stands a landform shaped like a traditional square-shaped official’s hat, indicating future generations will attain power and bring glory and honour to the family. The gathering of wealth is further enhanced by the presence of a pool that reflects the sun and moon, creating an atmosphere of prosperity and abundance.


The site also contains rich and lustrous, five-coloured earth; symbolizing wealth and abundance. The mountain is shaped like a brush-stand, signifying future generations will achieve remarkable success and attain the highest ranks.

Facing east, this geomantic treasure welcomes the arrival of Purple Qi. The east is traditionally associated with luck and prosperity, while Purple Qi represents authority and nobility, constantly renewing and regenerating. This indicates that the land will bestow endless blessings and prosperity upon future generations.




Nirvana Memorial Park (Karak) is located along the Kuala Lumpur – Karak Expressway, and is easily accessible by motor transport, about 40 minutes’ drive from Batu Caves, Mentakab, Raub and Temerloh, and about 25 minutes from Bukit Tinggi and Bentong.