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Nirvana Memorial Garden


Unrivalled sophistication and glorious luxury

“Respect, purity and Zen” are the main inspirations that bring Nirvana Memorial Garden (Singapore) to life in the city state of Singapore. The overall concept exudes thoughtfulness, professionalism and excellence championed by Nirvana Asia in the creation of its innovative integrated memorial centres. A spectacular piece of architectural wonder that pushes boundaries, Nirvana Memorial Garden (Singapore) was constructed in trend with Singapore’s dynamic and futuristic skyline.



The 6-star complex’s exterior design showcases a modern dynamism inspired by the fluidic movement of water and ripples of waves in a harmonious marriage of Zen and futuristic architecture. The majestic lobby of Nirvana Memorial Garden (Singapore) plays on the harmonious cycle of the Five Elements through representation and symbolism to evoke the completeness of life and existence. The result is a soaring rotunda filled with natural light streaming in the dome above in which a great Buddha beckons all in a compassionate and welcoming gesture.

From then on, each chamber and columbarium suite is bound to leave visitors breathless in awe. Every inch of the interior is like a work of art that reveals itself from chamber to chamber – like delicate blossoms unfurling their petals. The design of the Cien Hall and Qinen Hall for instance takes on the theme of the “Eight Auspicious Items” of Buddhism and graced by an image of a golden Amitabha Buddha extending reassurance and blessings to all. The sumptuous and majestic Hui-en Hall meanwhile literally takes on the design of fine chrysanthemum blossoms in representing the fragility of life and at the same time the “blossoming” of prosperity.

Aside from a place to lay departed loved ones to rest, Nirvana Memorial Garden (Singapore) also hosts many other amenities such as a ceremonial hall where the Amitabha Buddha, and the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Avalokitesvara and Bodhisattva of Great Vow, Ksitigarbha are enshrined amidst golden elegance and light, a café for visitors to enjoy a meal, ancestral tablet halls and many more.

Nirvana Memorial Park

(Medan), Indonesia


Unrivalled artistry in a tranquil atmosphere

Nirvana Memorial Park (Medan) was established in 2015 near the capital of North Sumatra, Medan. The memorial occupies a total area of 186 acres in Deli Serdang – a suburb densely populated by ethnic Chinese at about approximately 25km from Medan’s city centre.



The second keystone project in Indonesia by Nirvana Asia after making inroads in Jakarta, Nirvana Memorial Park (Medan) sports a modern design and comprehensive planning. Alongside Nirvana Asia’s award-winning landscaping and architectural designs, the memorial park features unrivalled personalised artistry – a hallmark that makes each of Nirvana’s memorial parks unique. Overlooking vistas of rolling hills and verdant greenery, the overall tranquil atmosphere soothes the soul and warms the heart.

With 5-star columbaria and an array of burial plot choices to choose from, Nirvana Memorial Park (Medan) caters for multiple denominations and also offers a variety of monument designs of the highest artistry and quality in a land of superior Feng Shui qualities. Many renowned Feng Shui masters have heaped praises for Nirvana Asia’s ingenious use of landscaping to complement the natural environment to not only enhance its visual aesthetics but also maximize its full Feng Shui potential to create a perfect resting place to foster great blessings of prosperity for generations of descendants.

Lestari Memorial Park (Karawang Barat), Indonesia


A masterpiece memorial park of high artistry

Nirvana Asia’s first push into the international scene is in place called Karawang Barat, approximately about an hour’s drive from Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta. Established in 2003, it is the first modern memorial park and provider of integrated bereavement care service on the island of Java and Indonesia as a whole.



Lestari Memorial Park (Karawang Barat) features many monuments dedicated to distinguished personalities as well as sculptures and architectural masterpieces by great craftsmen that has attracted the attention of artists and art lovers alike. The memorial park’s tomb monuments themselves feature high level of creativity and artistry that has not only brought new appreciation to the tomb sculptural art, it has changed the face of the industry altogether in Indonesia.

Lestari Memorial Park (Karawang Barat) has many choices in terms of tomb monument designs as well as burial plots that cater to Buddhists, Taoists, Protestants and Catholics. In extending the choices further, the memorial park contains columbaria of many designs and themes for the depository of cinerary urns. All of these are located within prime Feng Shui land that is endorsed by local as well as international Feng Shui masters. In its effort to provide complete bereavement care services, Lestari Memorial Park (Karawang Barat) has modern and environmentally-friendly crematoria facilities.

Nirvana Memorial Park

(Ban Bueng), Thailand

Where eternal peace begins

Nirvana Asia’s first foray into Thailand is the magnificent masterpiece, Nirvana Memorial Ban Bueng. The over-253 Rai Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng is designed to be the grandest and most beautiful memorial park in Thailand. It is truly the first of its kind – wonderfully spacious, peaceful, calming, tranquil and comfortable – with wide roads and ample parking bays for the convenience of all visitors.



The tranquil and enchanting environment of the Nirvana Memorial Park Ban Bueng is a harmonious union of the peaceful natural environment with the intricate architectures of fine craftsmanship that evokes the artistry of traditional oriental structures. It is a truly a breath of fresh air in the beauty of a natural paradise.

Located on an auspicious land of exceptional Feng Shui in the Chonburi province, the memorial park is surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers. If water is the source of all life, then the crystal-clear riverside setting truly embodies this concept. Large pavilions are thoughtfully placed around the park for visitors to rest their weary feet and recall their departed loved ones in a serene environment.

There are single, double, family and super family burial plots – meticulously and neatly organised final resting places with spacious walkway, lush greenery and beautiful landscaping that calms the mind, allowing one to contemplate and recall the memory of beloved departed loved ones.


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