Golden Harvest Reward




A treasure that grows on trees, the durian is known as the king of fruits in Malaysia. Among them, the Musang King is the king of kings. In conjunction with our 30th anniversary, Nirvana Asia Group presents the “Golden Harvest Plan” to reward our loyal customers. This free plan has a reward period of 30 years and is 100% risk free, with a maximum reward of up to four times the original land/niche purchase price.


Ownership Rewards Structure

Free Gift by Nirvana

0% Risk

No additional annual management & maintenance fee

Eligibility: Buy selected products - Full & prompt payment

High bonus payout

Bonus Payout Structure

The reward plan will last for 30 years and the estimated bonus is up to 400% of the original land/niche purchase price. If the customer purchases specific Nirvana products for RM50,000, the individual can expect to receive 50% of the bonus allocation on the 10th year. Going by the same scenario, the customer may receive up to 100% of the original purchase price on the 15th year.

Golden Rewards Plan Full Flow

Upon full and prompt payment for purchases of selected products, customers will be eligible for the Golden Harvest Plan which is held by the RHB Trustees. The trustee will be responsible for receiving the reward from Durian Garden. The reward will be given to the customer every year for 30 years.