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There are no taboos here in discussing about life and death, we hope to bring awareness, create more positive energy and live with less regrets.


About Life Cafe

The best time for coffee, is also a good place to settle matters of the heart.

As the wispy steam rises and the aroma of coffee permeating the air, taking a sip is like opening a window, echoing the resonance of life. “Nirvana Life Café” is such a place to make a deep connection with life while tasting coffee – to read the great book of life together through dialogue, sharing sessions, multimedia information and other warm interactions.

Because we do not understand much about life, we live in constant anxiety due to the impact of times. Life is not always as black or white as we would like it to be. Often, at such points in life, we push ourselves to go along with these anxieties – alone in a dark place in our hearts.

Lacking comprehension of life, our fears has left our hearts obstructed and a lot of time is wasted in a daze – spinning around in the muddles brought on by the troubles in life. Hence, the topic of life and death remains a mystery – a subject of insurmountable taboo and secrecy – and we allow ourselves to ignore everything it may reveal, let alone feel anything.

Every life should be treated kindly. In a nutshell, to understand life is to return to the heart.

It is not a one-way exploration that rushes to the end, but a constant dealing of alternating cycles with depth and expanding horizons – in which the long lines of life can be repaired, replaced or reassembled to resonate with the vast inner universe so that one can become a more rounded person.

“Nirvana Life Café” is a womb that nurtures life wisdom, letting the philosophy of life become a dynamic temple for continuous learning. The stillness of dark coffee is like a mirror that settles the complicated heart that allows us to recognize the meaning of life, to understand the mysteries of life, and to return to the true essence of life.

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How long does grief last

How long does grief last

“Grief is like sticky molasses; it may stick to us for the rest of our lives or it may stick to a certain portion of our lives – simply refusing to leave” is another insight I’ve recently had about grief. Just when we start to think that life is getting better, an event, person or object will remind us, “Ah, so you’re still here!”