Sheng Ji ·A new turnaround of fortunes

During the festive season, relatives and friends will convey well wishes of “good health”, “long life” and more. Of course, we all hope that things come as easy as they say, but did you know that you can change your fortunes by installing Sheng Ji?

“Sheng Ji” means “the foundation of life”. Everyone has inherent deficiencies in their Ba Zi; however, by installing Sheng Ji later on, one can strengthen the weaknesses in their Ba Zi with the help of nature’s magnetic energies. The origins of Sheng Ji can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty; Yao Chong – a famed statesman – built a longevity tomb in Wan’an Mountain, and pre-constructed a tomb for his eventual demise; and Zhang Liang built a longevity tomb to cultivate the right path. Since ancient times, this secret method of Feng Shui was not openly revealed and only passed down from master to disciple in order to avoid abuse and other moral issues.

The emperors of yore searched for meridian points to construct tombs for themselves after ascending the throne in hopes of taking advantage of the land’s prosperity to prolong their lives and improve their fortunes; thus, preserving the kingdom and society. This demonstrates that the practice of Sheng Ji had a long history and is the most ancient natural energy supplement.

Nowadays, installing Sheng Ji has become a new trend in China. In Malaysia, many have installed Sheng Ji for themselves while still alive so as to promote their fortunes and longevity, including the late founder of the Genting Group, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong and the Malaysian Prince of Cantopop, Cheng Kam Cheong and others. Despite this, a lot of people have misconceptions in their understanding of Sheng Ji and believe that it can make everything go smoothly and bring divine blessings. In fact, in order to avoid installing the wrong kind of Sheng Qi, it is necessary to install the Sheng Ji at the right time and place for it to be effective.

How to install Sheng Ji

In simple terms, Feng Shui is very important in installing Sheng Ji. The place where is installed must be a Feng Shui treasure location and the urn used should be earthenware or made of clay. Only the earthenware composition of the urn can communicate with the Qi of the earth. The insides must contain hair, nails, clothing and other objects closest to the extremes of the human body and the most sensitive point of the aura to ensure that the Sheng Ji can strengthen the spirit and bless itself.

“Installing a Sheng Ji can generate luck through the Qi of the land; thus, creating infinite opportunities.” Phillip Wong, chief Feng Shui consultant of Nirvana Asia Group, emphasized.

He explains that Sheng Ji is a more distinctive method because of its fusion of Feng Shui techniques between Yin and Yang houses – adding blessings and longevity to the Sheng Ji owner and enhancing their fortune and luck. It is also the fastest induction method.

Of course, the biggest benefit of installing Sheng Ji is to extend blessings to future generations as the land will have another kind of luck boost after a hundred years. Only when future generations are blessed will they be able to prosper and pass on their fortune from one generation to the next; so that they will not be in a situation of “un-swept lonely tombs for a thousand miles.”

Auspicious Feng Shui Land – NV Seed

NV Seed was officially established by Nirvana Asia Group as early as 2014, and is favoured by many young people because of its affordable price. It is also called “Dragon Tortoise”, which is the strongest Feng Shui treasure to remedy misfortunes, and enhance a person’s fortune and ability to meet many noble people. It is a good Feng Shui spot for installing Sheng Ji as it is surrounded by mountains and water and is full of vitality that can help those who install Sheng Ji here to live a long and blessed life, suppress negative forces and welcome blessings.

With NV Seed, Phillip Wong cites the absolute benefits of installing Sheng Ji; prolonging life, strengthening the spirit, changing destinies, promoting noble officials, increasing wealth, promoting good karma and cultivating good merits. With a Sheng Ji in NV Seed, the installer will be able to enhance their positive energies and change their fate when they receive the Qi of heaven and earth.