Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam) Song Villa : Series 1

The newest creation from Nirvana Asia Group

Recreating a vision of sophisticated elegance

The first Song dynasty-style columbarium in Malaysia, Song Villa, will soon be built at Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam). The brand-new columbarium will be designed based on the sophisticated elegance of the “great Song dynasty”, in the footsteps of the Tang Villa and Ming Palace architectural series by Nirvana Asia Group.

Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam) is strategically located and easily accessible from major urban areas in Klang Valley (Petaling Jaya, Subang and Klag) within 15 minutes via major highways. Nirvana Asia Group has transformed its Shah Alam branch into a majestically grand and scenic memorial park – focusing on the “imperial splendours” of the Tang, Ming and Song dynasties through architectural designs of its columbaria – evoking the spirit and experience of prosperous bygone eras for the present generation.

Song Villa: Elegant and refined

The newly launched Song Villa is located between Heritage Court and Perpetual Garden, covering an area of 4,500 square meters and consisting of three buildings. The architectural design is sophisticated and elegant, displaying the prosperous and refined style of the Song dynasty with a Zen-style courtyard that exudes tranquility and peacefulness, as well as an ancient and meditative mood.

The three main axes of “sophistication, glory and artistry” are applied to revive the minimalistic values and charm of Song dynasty architecture, while at the same time combining Chinese culture, Zen aesthetics and contemporary design in a natural and harmonious way in Song Villa.

Sophisticated elegance of the Song dynasty

The most prominent feature of Song Villa is the alluring charm and sophisticated elegance that evokes the Song dynasty. The first of the three Song Villa columbaria is Jing Yue Pavilion (Villa 1) on the far left. Spacious and comfortable, with high ceilings and wooden grilles built along minimalistic and fluid lines, it contains a graceful statue of a backlit Water-Moon Avalokitesvara, suspended on a round wheel – which lends an air of transcendence. The central columbarium (Villa 2) and the one on the far right (Villa 3) use floor-to-ceiling glass walls to convey a bright and airy sense of space that inspires a sense of ease and comfort in visitors.

Eight main features of Song Villa

  • The crane tail architectural elements: symbolizes auspiciousness and longevity
  • Fish scale tiles: symbolizing yearly prosperity and wealth for descendants
  • Antique bronze and gold: the allure of nobility and luxury
  • Moon gate: symbolizing fulfillment and reunion
  • Jing Yue Villa: the interpretation of luxury and finery
  • Water-Moon Avalokitesvara: blessings of tranquility on all sentient beings
  • Diamond niche panel: the first Swarovski crystal inlaid niche panel in Malaysia

Tranquil and peaceful Zen-style courtyard

The Zen-style courtyard at the front of Song Villa is exquisite in its simplicity – with arching bridges, flowing water, pine trees both large and small, and a meditative rock garden – the style is minimalistic but contains elements of Zen that invites visitors to feel with their hearts.

The overall complex uses a bronze and gold as the main colour theme, which perfectly reflects the elegance of nature. Bronze and gold also exude a sense of refined and luxurious beauty. The eaves, beams, columns, walls and doors all create a strong sense of modernity and splendour; effortlessly blending with the environment.