Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam) Song Villa : Series 3

The beauty of contemporary design and comprehensive facilities

Convenient and comprehensive facilities and services

Attentive and heartfelt care

In reflecting the core mission and maintain quality control, Song Villa’s architectural layout incorporates a high-level of attentive details. From the layout and design of the columbarium, environment and spaces, to the comprehensive facilities, everything has been carefully crafted by a professional team – emphasizing a high degree of humanization and personalization – making every effort to take care of each customer.

Song Villa consists of three double-storey columbarium buildings. The entrance of the central Villa 2 has two vertical stylish and distinctive moon gates and a beautiful view of the Zen-style courtyard that allows visitors to enjoy a moment of peace. A wheelchair ramp has been set up at the front of Villa 2 to accommodate people with limited mobility; providing them with easy access when they come to pay their respects. At the same time, an elevator is available at the rear for the convenience of the elderly who may have trouble climbing the stairs.

In addition, three cleverly-designed link bridges connect the buildings to not only facilitate visitor movement, but to also create a sense of integration and symbiosis, just like a bridge between the living and the departed. Thus, no matter where we are, the bonds and thoughts that connect us can never be broken.

Diamond columbarium niche panel

Eternal love, everlasting memory

The exceptional diamond design is used to highlight the concept of eternal memory. The diamond has a unique status, signifying the precious memories of family, friends and loved ones – exquisitely crafted and turned into a enduring memento that bears the deepest affection for the dearly departed – memorializing the individual as if he or she had never left through the sparkling gem.

The niche panel is the first and only one in Malaysia to be designed with diamonds, with a flawless white appearance. The sparkling diamonds set around the center of the circle is like a narrative of beautiful memories from different moments in life.

The interior design of the niche reflects an air of perfection with the image of a mandara blossom unfurling in the background. An image of the Buddha adorns the middle, conveying blessings for a speedy rebirth in the Western Pure Land on the departed.

Lily columbarium niche panel

Sacred and pure, peaceful and perfect

The lily, also known as the “Annunciation lily”, is elegant and pure in appearance. In the east, it is synonymous with “good luck” and can be given to relatives or friends to express blessings. In the west, it is regarded as a symbol of chastity and purity. The Catholic Church considers the iconography of the lily to represent the Virgin Mary, with the Holy See adopting it as the national flower and symbol of saintliness.

The design of this niche panel adopts pure white as its main colour theme, conveying unsullied purity rising from the mud and complemented by a gorgeous auspicious cloud pattern background which symbolizes luck, celebration, happiness and life’s beautiful aspirations. The niche panel’s centre is a soft lily bordered by a golden ring that reflects the Chinese tradition of attaching great importance to fulfilment and success, and the desire for smoothness in all aspects of life.

The interior design of the columbarium niche adopts a warm ambiance with a shade of beige together with the beautiful symbolism of lilies; conveying the conceptual characteristics of natural harmony.