Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 8

The beauty of craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is a kind of mastery and dedication.

Craftsmanship is a kind of excellence.

Where the heart of ingenuity meets the artistry of craftsmanship, the exquisite skills of Chinese architecture and the warmth of “home” complement each other, like magic, to create the most beautiful masterpieces.

We will now demonstrate to you the beauty of craftsmanship of the exclusive “home”!

The beauty of roof tiles – the hallmarks of home

In the past, roof tiles were an indispensable roofing element, playing a role in heat insulation and protection from rain. Nowadays, roof tiles are given a new breath of life, being featured in neo-Chinese architecture in a variety of forms and subtly integrating with other aspects to radiate a distinctive charm.

The roof tile is a kind of imprint of the passage of time, and the superposition is full of bygone memories. In the past, smoke rose from chimneys of every home, drifting over the roofs and forming a beautiful view. As children, we loved to hide under the eaves when it rained; watching the rainwater cascading down from the roof tiles in a lovely rhythm.

The beauty of roof tiles not only carries the traces of the passing years, but also protects generation of people under the rafters. Nowadays, the roof tiles bring us endless delights in creative design. Each wall is covered with layers of roof tiles with unique texture and graceful curves, allowing the warmth and stability of “home” to permeate from every corner. The design of gold-trimmed roof tiles on the walls of each pillar in the sanctuary is even more unique, presented in a modern way to show the classical aesthetics to the fullest.

Jade Avalokitesvara: Ultimate craftsmanship

The Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara possesses great wisdom, able to protect all sentient beings and give infinite hope; therefore, has always been admired and worshipped by devotees. In the centre of Tang Villa stands a Jade Avalokitesvara with compassionate and kind eyes, overseeing everything within the sanctuary at all times. If you come here to worship the Bodhisattva with sincerity, you will find salvation and turn misfortune into good fortune.

The most unique feature of the Jade Avalokitesvara is that it is sculpted with craftsmanship to portray the mercy and gentleness of the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva – highlighting the purity and elegance of jade, exquisite and noble. At the same time, the Jade Avalokitesvara is a symbol of the blessings of peace and happiness. If the ashes of the departed are enshrined here, they will be blessed by Avalokitesvara and liberated from suffering – allowing future generations to have trouble-free and long lives.

Three-dimensional and elegant pure white niche panels

The chambers of Tang Villa are designed to be bright and spacious to evoke the western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. For the living, it is a place to calm one’s thoughts and bring peace of mind; while for the departed enshrined here, they may continue their path to enlightenment under the infinite light of the Buddha.

The columbarium uses the timeless space of “home” to set-off the pure white elegance of the three-dimensional niche panels. The double-storey columbarium features a 3D peony niche panel at the top and a 3D Avalokitesvara niche panel at the bottom. The peony design implies the flower’s purity and nobility, conveying the meaning of good fortune and prosperity. The white and clean niche panel is adorned with the image of Avalokitesvara – fully conveying the great compassion embodied by the Bodhisattva and granting all that is desired.

Unique and stylish mandara blossom door rings

A home, a door and a pair of door rings; the door ring goes back thousands of years in China. It is a ring-shaped metal clasp on the door that serves the main purposes of being door knockers and handles. As it is the focal point of the door, it also has the role as the piece de resistance. Door rings are usually decorated with floral patterns, animal heads, dragon faces and auspicious animals such as bats which has the meaning “more blessings”, sunflowers which has the meaning of “many children”, and lions and tigers which means “town house” and so on.

The doors of Tang Villa are decorated with mandara blossom door rings which are beautifully crafted and beautifully formed, giving visitors a sense of grandeur, mystery and calmness while at the same time adding character to the columbarium and serving as a pleasurable visual aesthetic. The circle of the mandara blossom represents the cyclical nature. Buddhists believes that there are two forces in the universe at odds with each other and also the light of divinity which exists in the depts of the spirit. Mandara is the power to penetrate the spiritual world and the person to achieve unity and equilibrium. Therefore, when visitors enter the columbarium through the mandara blossom door rings, it is as if they are entering the pure and solemn Buddhist world of peace and tranquility.

The Final Portrait

The Final Portrait

Many people tend to think they don’t need to have their pictures taken or they dislike the notion because they are too old. Later however, when the time comes to prepare for the funeral, there simply isn’t a suitable or presentable photo that can be used as a funeral portrait.



“The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”
Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur built their unique columbarium that is touted to be unlike any other found in Malaysia – the Rhyme of Life, embodying American journalist and novelist Chuck Palahniuk’s quote above.

Why are funerals needed?

Why are funerals needed?

Every ritual at a funeral is a way to accept the fact that we have lost a loved one, and the loss of a loved one is an unavoidable life experience for everyone and it is also a process.