Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 2

The Beauty of Life

The Importance of Perseverance

After 31 years of breaking conventions, persistent conviction and braving through ups and downs, we have always remained strong and survived through all major obstacles that have made Nirvana Asia Group into what it is today. Taking “respect for life” as its starting point for care, Nirvana Asia has preserved cultural heritage while transforming the once taboo death care and funeral service industry into a life care service, and building the most desirable memorial parks with the intention of fostering the artisan spirit to bestow the beauty of life on the industry

The beauty of legacy

Corporate Sustainability

As the next generation successor of Nirvana Asia Group, Dato’ Sri Jeff Kong Yew Foong pointed out that the legacy of experience and sense of mission are the keys to sustainable business operations.

“Our products, designs and services are of international standards and are well-received and well-recognized by our customers,” he explained, “We have now entered the Ipoh and Perak market as a whole. We are confident that we can offer the people of Perak better choices.”

Kong said Nirvana Asia Group has always prioritized the needs of its customers and believes that the most important thing is to provide them with convenience.

“In addition to taking care of market needs and developing diverse funeral products, we also value our customers’ local culture and needs,” he elaborated, “By integrating local culture and needs, they will be able to feel our commitment and we are there when our services are needed. The trust and support of our customers are a huge incentive for Nirvana Asia to keep pursuing excellence, break new ground and move towards success.”

Nirvana Asia Group CEO Dato’ Sri Jeff Kong Yew Foong

Tang Villa expected to be completed by 2024

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh)’s Tang Villa is presented in a modern Oriental style combined with the essence of “Zen, filial piety and beauty” by incorporating both in the architectural design. Kong said the focus is on the core value of Confucianism: filial piety, which is considered the foundation of being human and a traditional Chinese virtue. Passing on filial piety is considered everyone’s responsibility and obligation.

“We must not let the traditional virtues of China be lost; we must carry on and let ‘filial piety” flourish,” he said, “And we must carry on the tradition and continue on from one generation to the next.”

At present, the first phase of the project is in full swing and everything has been carried out smoothly according to plan. The senior management of Nirvana Asia Group have also carried out their duties by visiting the project site frequently to supervise the progress and ensure that all parts of the project are in line with quality management. The project is expected to be completed in 2024. When completed, Kong believes Tang Villa will be Perak’s most beautiful, high-profile and distinctive columbarium that is preferred by everyone.

“The most important point is that customers are confident in the professional management of the company and most notably we have an up to RM100 million maintenance trust fund to ensure long-term maintenance and management of the memorial park, including maintenance of the landscaping and facilities to provide customers with peace of mind for generations.”

A blessed precious land and excellent Feng Shui

Nirvana Asia Group places great importance on Feng Shui, because a good burial plot can benefit future generations. Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) has been endorsed by Nirvana Asia Group’s chief Feng Shui consultant, Master Philip Wong as containing the Qilin Treasure Meridian Spot and the unique location of Tang Villa is a place of good fortune.

Dato’Sri Jeff Kong emphasized that the site in question has a superior Feng Shui layout. It is located on a natural mountain 150 meters above sea level.

“In addition to its excellent Feng Shui, the landscape design for Tang Villa incorporates the prosperous flavour of the Tang dynasty. It is the final resting place that everyone longs for, and it is also the best choice for all.”