Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh)’s Tang Villa launched

The most beautiful modern Oriental columbarium dedicated to the people of Perak

The Tang Villa ground-breaking ceremony was witnessed and successfully completed with the blessings of everyone present. From the left: Vivien Woo, Eric Choong and Samantha Yap, followed by Melvyn Laang, Dato’ Wong Siew Meng, Dato’ Sri Jeff Kong Yew Foong and Master Hui Wen. Sixth, from the right to left: Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong, Dato’ Ooi Boon Hoi, S.W. Chew, Luke Chong, Benny Ong and Johnson Teoh.

Following the introduction of the most beautiful Christian memorial garden and columbarium in Perak, Nirvana Asia Group has now launched the Oriental-style Tang Villa – promising to be the newest, most beautiful and most distinctive columbarium in Ipoh and Perak as a whole and the most preferred choice for the people of the state.

Nirvana Asia hosted the ground-breaking ceremony for Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh)’s Tang Villa on Wednesday, 3 November 2021 at 11.00 a.m. Although the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia has eased slightly, guests and staff at the formal and ceremonious event complied with government-mandated standard operating procedures and pandemic prevention measures by wearing face masks and observing physical distancing at all times.

Nirvana Asia Group founder and executive chairman Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong led the gathering – which included Group chief executive officer Dato Sri’ Jeff Kong, Bodhisattva Pureland Malaysia abbot Venerable Master Hui Wen, Paradise Memorial Park Berhad executive chairman Dato’ Ooi Boon Hoi, Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Tang Villa design director S.W. Chew, Nirvana Asia Group business development director Dato’ Wong Siew Meng, Nirvana Asia Group construction management senior general manager Benny Ong, Nirvana Memorial Park business development general manager Melvyn Laang, as well as Nirvana business development directors Samantha Yap, Johnson Teoh, Eric Choong and Vivien Woo – to witness the historic moment and participate in the ground-breaking ceremony.

Tang Villa is a meticulously constructed columbarium by Nirvana Asia Group for the people of Perak, which perfectly recreates the glory and prosperity of the Tang dynasty.

Tan Sri Kong said Tang Villa is an excellent Feng Shui treasure

Tan Sri Kong pointed out that Tang Villa is an excellent Feng Shui treasure endorsed by a well-known Feng Shui master; surrounded by mountains and lush greenery. Loved ones who are laid to rest here will be able to protect and bless generations of future descendants.

Master Hui Wen performed his part by reciting sutras and prayers to bless the foundation of Tang Villa project so that Buddhas would watch over the progress and ensure its smooth completion.

Tang Villa has a great location – facing west overlooking Clear Water Sanctuary – with superior Feng Shui. Upon completion, the project will be the most beautiful and modern Oriental columbarium in Perak, featuring not only a magnificent statue of the Buddha Amitabha, but also the spectacular Golden Temple and Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara. The landscape will include traditional architecture inspired by the Tang dynasty and gorgeous verdant gardens.

Venerable Master Hui Wen led the attendees to recite sutras and pray for blessings in the hope that the construction of Tang Villa will be completed smoothly.

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) officially unveils Tang Villa

A new experience of unique artistry

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) has officially unveiled the new Tang Villa, billed as Perak’s most beautiful columbarium. Combining modern design with a new Oriental-style concept inspired by Tang dynasty culture, its novel and unique artistry is eye-catching and a breath of fresh air.

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) held a grand launching ceremony at the Nirvana Sales Gallery in Ipoh on Friday, 5 November where the new columbarium was unveiled by Nirvana Asia Group chief executive officer Dato’ Sri Jeff Kong Yew Foong to the public.

Guests at the ceremony included Nirvana Asia Group business development director Dato’ Wong Siew Meng, Nirvana chief business development director Liew Choon Fatt, Nirvana Asia Group construction management senior general manager Benny Ong, Nirvana Memorial Park business development general managers Melvyn Laang and Andrew Teh, and Nirvana business development directors Samantha Yap, Johnson Teoh, Eric Choong and Vivien Woo.

The Golden Temple is a new landmark at Tang Villa, dazzling and extremely spectacular.

Pavilion 2 embodies the beauty of two great artistic elements, namely the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper and the caisson ceiling, creating a beautiful artistic concept of harmony between heaven and man.

Dato’ Sri Jeff Kong : Construction of Tang Villa is now in full swing

Tang Villa is a modern Oriental columbarium built exclusively for the Chinese community of Ipoh and Perak as a whole after Nirvana Asia Group’s entry in the Ipoh market. In addition to its eye-catching modern Oriental Tang-styled design, Nirvana Asia’s emphasis on excellent Feng Shui, landscaping and filial piety culture is no exception, such as the western-oriented prosperous Feng Shui setting, the magnificent 30-feet Amitabha Buddha statue and the iconic Golden Temple and Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara, verdant gardens and more.

It is worth mentioning that because Tang Villa is located on a natural mountain 150 meters above sea level, it is situated quite high with a beautiful view of the memorial park. From a design point of view, the columbaria adopt the most modern and stylish interior designs which is combined with the ancient architectural elements of the Tang era into a single form. It has a rich elegant Eastern Zen flavour; sophisticated yet minimalistic.

Dato’ Sri Jeff Kong pointed out that construction of Tang Villa is now in full swing. The four columbaria will go forward as planned. The first phase of the construction involving Pavilion 2, the Golden Temple and Clear Water Sanctuary is expected to be completed within two years. Once completed, Tang Villa will become the most desirable final resting place in Perak.

Kong stated that as a life service enterprise, Nirvana Asia Group has been serving the people with a “customer-oriented” approach for 31 years with great emphasis on product and service quality. Therefore, after entering the Ipoh market, it will place more focus on local culture and promises to be more dedicated in serving the local Chinese populace with the best and most complete bereavement care products and services as well as offering better choices.

“We have taken economic factors into account and young people nowadays prefer simplified funeral and interment customs when it comes to funereal matters; so columbarium is usually their choice,” he said, “The creation of Tang Villa coincides with this pursuit for simplicity, convenience and design aesthetics. I believe Tang Villa will meet their needs and bring them a brand new style and experience.”

Kong also said Nirvana Asia’s professional maintenance trust fund is the main draw for customers to choose Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh), especially since it has a maintenance trust fund of up to RM100 million to ensure continuous maintenance and upkeep, including the maintenance of roads, landscaping and facilities that provides security for generations of customers.

The Tang Villa launching ceremony was held in a grand manner. Nirvana Asia Group promises to develop it into the most beautiful and distinctive columbarium in Perak. From left: Vivien Woo ,Eric Choong, Liew Choon Fatt, Benny Ong, Dato’ Wong Siew Meng, Dato’ Sri Jeff Kong Yew Foong, Melvyn Laang, Andrew Teh, Samantha Yap and Johnson Teoh.

Stars in the Night Sky

Stars in the Night Sky

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Worship offerings: Preserving tradition and keeping up with the times

Worship offerings: Preserving tradition and keeping up with the times

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The Final Portrait

The Final Portrait

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