Nirvana Asia Ltd

Our top honours, recognitions and accomplishments include:

Nirvana Asia Group aspires to keep growing through constant improvement as we raise our service standards through new innovations. In 1998, we became the first bereavement service provider to be awarded the ISO 9002 Certification. In 2012, we took centre stage during the 2012 Asian Funeral Exhibition (AFE Awards) by winning two top awards that made the group the overall winner at the prestigious event. It was once said by Founder Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong that the reputation and accomplishment of Nirvana Asia Group will be determined by market acceptance, and in this case, our group outshines the rest.
The professional team of Nirvana Asia Group is looked upon as a role model in the industry for their diligence and dedication. Their tireless efforts have paid off as affirmed by the multiple accolades won by the group. Such recognition is the drive that keeps us growing from strength to strength as we continue to spread our wings.