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Compassion for Life, Always

Established in 2007, NV Foundation adheres to the founding principles of Nirvana Asia Group of being “people-oriented, caring and ready-to-serve”. We hold “filial piety” in high regard, which is why we sincerely view giving back to the society and caring for the community through our welfare and educational initiatives vital in making life more meaningful. We are fully committed to promoting life, education, culture, charity, spirituality and well-being. These are the four obligations that bind us as a corporation together with the community.

  • Caring for Life: An In-Depth Approach
    Boundless compassion and caring for life is the unending commitment of NV Foundation. Life can be tough, but we will always be ready to express our heartfelt concern and offer our sincere assistance to those who need it the most.
  • Charitable Activities: Going Diversified
    We practice diversification on a national scale when it comes to our community services and charitable efforts. To achieve this, we have established a volunteer team to reach out to the poor and needy. We take pride in promoting development and sustainability for the betterment humankind and the environment.
  • Cultural Education: A Holistic Approach
    NV Foundation champions a holistic approach to defining the meaning of life. We take a great interest in educating the public about the importance of traditional values such as filial piety and compassion for the people around us, whether young or old, friends or strangers. This is how we instill positive humanistic ethics into our family institution to foster a caring society.
  • Health Management and Awareness: Going Universal
    There has always a call to ”return to nature” to not only co-exist with nature harmoniously, but to also lead healthier lives and promote better well-being. Therefore, at Nirvana Asia Group, we live by the concept of a “community that nurtures life” , where we combine well-being and culture to enhance our quality of life.
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    Education Adoption for Needy Students

    S.M.San Min (Suwa) is one of the longest running Chinese Independent High School in Perak, founded in the year 1929. The current surge of in the number of students, almost to the point of saturation has led to the shortage of funds and inadequate facilities. As such, teachers and students need to raise funds every year. Nirvana has been helping out the school where and when we can, prioritising the school’s disadvatanged students and the completion of their education. We also encourage all our clients, agents, as well as employees to help these needy students.

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    Donation Love & Care Plan

    To aid residents of old folk homes fulfill their final wishes, Nirvana has launched the “Love & Care” campaign (donation of niche and other bereavement care services and products). The campaign is to help provide bereavement care services for the less fortunate, primarily the poor and/or the physically challenged or handicapped – to walk with them through the final stages of their lives and to help them complete their final journey.

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