Nirvana Asia Ltd

Chin never hesitated to seize the opportunity that knocked on his door. He ultimately found his way to a career breakthrough at Nirvana Asia. ‘Be ready all the time’ – that’s how he made a winning start. Amazingly, Chin switched from the showbiz arena to a totally different environment – death care industry, driven by its caring spirit. He was determined to prove his worth in a new and very challenging sphere. Recollecting from the past, the gentle and well-cultured Chin said: “It’s been 5 years I dedicate myself to this industry, a territory that tests my capabilities and offers the space for me to grow and strengthen myself.”

When Chin first entered the job market, he considered himself an introvert and could hardly stand the test of real-life challenges. The gentle and quiet Chin was afraid of new challenges in the first place. Surprisingly, his fortunes took a dramatic change ever since he joined Nirvana Asia. Driven by the attitude of lifelong learning, he gradually transformed himself from a doubter to an achiever. He has lived through the philosophy of ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. He has achieved the much anticipated self-breakthrough, thanks to Nirvana Asia. “There are four very rewarding experiences that I have gained at Nirvana Asia. First and foremost, I came to know about the dynamism of Nirvana Asia in the best possible way; secondly I managed to pick up the priceless interpersonal skills, given the nature of my job; thirdly I committed myself to taking on new challenges; and fourthly I became a man of accountability.”

‘Enthusiasm’ is the greatest driving force

According to Chin, choosing the right industry is crucial to one’s career advancement. The key secret to success is the lasting ‘enthusiasm and passion’, which will ultimately open up the door to a breakthrough achievement. “No matter what you do, you must persist. Show your never-give-up conviction through thick and thin. What really makes you persevere is your enthusiasm and passion. Be passionate about what you do and be responsible to yourself and for your life. The more you persevere, the more you gain, spiritually. Furthermore, as you improve yourself from stage to another, you become wiser and mature yourself into a new realm of possibilities for a better life.”

Chin is clearly aware that success derives from believing in yourself with sheer determination and self-motivation. As long as you are willing to learn, there will never be the case of ‘too late’. Be positive, proactive and enthusiastic, you are on your way to success. For Chin, the battle is only half won. There are many new challenges lying ahead. He aspires to redefine his success by pushing himself to the greater heights, from one level to another.

A good superior creates a strong sense of belonging for subordinates

A successful enterprise is not defined by just its talent pool, but at the same time, its leadership. A thoughtful, attentive and appreciative leader is the one who efficiently and effectively makes use of the manpower elements. As luck would have it, Chin met a wonderful superior at Nirvana Asia. “In any organization, the mutual understanding between the superior and subordinate is a major contributing factor to work efficiency and effectiveness. By adopting a highly positive approach towards whatever you do, you feel obliged to live by a strong sense of responsibility and purpose, hence minimizing the mistakes.” Chin strongly believes that a good superior cultivates positive feelings that echo a strong sense of belonging even if it’s just a few minutes of interaction. A superior who cares about his or her subordinates from the bottom of his or her heart is the one who makes the difference.

Chin is very thankful for his current pursuit and achievement at Nirvana Asia. “I owe a debt of gratitude to my superior who empowers me with plenty of space to realise my potential. Through her encouragement and guidance, I keep improving myself and aiming for the stars. I am well-prepared for whatever task I am entrusted with. My superior opens up my mind to a bright prospect and that motivates me to dedicate myself to striving for excellence. She is a good listener at the same time. Whenever I bump on some hiccups, she is there for me. When the time is ripe for some guidance, she would patiently lead me out of the woods. This is something that I am very thankful for. My superior is a real treasure.”