Nirvana Asia Ltd
Successful people never stop learning

Kent was very academically inclined from childhood. He earned his Bachelor of Laws from University of London, but is walking a different path to advance his career. He switched from the legal profession to being an executive secretary in the secretariat of Nirvana Asia Group. Kent chuckled: “I studied law and that helps widen my horizons and develop attention to detail. As the executive secretary of Nirvana, my job scope entails certain legal aspects such as handling company’s land buying and selling documents and relevant data. In other words, my job involves legal matters and I must keep myself abreast of the current affairs with up-to-date knowledge and real-world experience. In this regard, I think that I fit in this challenging yet adventurous environment.”

Kent honestly believes that dedicating himself to the secretariat of Nirvana is a brand-new challenge. Apart from persistence and hard work, the only other most important thing that steers him forward is the lifelong learning attitude. For Kent, there is no shortcut or relying on luck to be the master of his own destiny. “I have been around for a year and a half and I still have so much to learn! Don’t be afraid of challenge because it’s actually a driving force that steers you ahead. I will keep on gaining experience for more breakthroughs to prove myself in this fast-paced, dynamic yet challenging environment.”

Every opinion matters ● Overcome your weakness

Kent champions the truth behind continuous improvement. And what makes it happen? Be a good listener! Every opinion or comment counts. Accept criticism and be open to new ideas. “Improvement comes with the willingness to change! Never be shy of expressing your ideas. The criticism from your superior pinpoints your shortcomings for better results in the future. If I think I have a good proposal, I shall share it with my superior. The openness in communication helps blossom the mutual respect and understanding between subordinates and superiors, which is key to raising productivity at work.”

Building up interest in musical instruments since childhood ● Applying talent into current profession

Kent was exposed to a number of musical instruments since childhood. He was actively involved in symphonic band as a high school kid, playing clarinet, French horn, trumpet, flute, euphonium and saxophone, among others. Being conversant with different musical instruments speaks volumes about his ability to master new things in life. “Unknowingly, I have been learning how to play musical instruments for at least a decade already. The first step is always the hardest. I could hardly find the playing techniques and tricks in the first year when I first started. And so I kept on improving myself. Once I had found the breakthroughs, I could just handle it smoothly.”

Kent remains dedicated to mastering musical instruments amid his busy work schedule. Ever since he joined the job market, Kent has never abandoned his weekly musical instrument practice to stay sharp. He will put his talent to good use on certain occasions. “The audience tends to encourage me to perform at either friends’ or company’s receptions.”