Nirvana Asia Ltd

Funeral Service

With our unrivalled professionalism and expertise, we provide a comprehensive suite of funeral services to cater to the needs of different faiths and from all walks of life.

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White Ladies

In safeguarding the dignity of a departed female loved one, Nirvana Asia Group is proud to present the first of its kind, professional ladies-only team to take care of all necessary arrangements throughout the entire funeral process.

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Remains SPA Treatment & Cadaveric Restoration

Life can be likened to a flower, beautiful yet fleeting. When a loved one departs, it is important for those left behind to remember them as they were when life was in full bloom. In this manner, grieving families can say their final farewells to their loved ones with proper closure.

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Temple of the Three Saints

Aside from being dedicated to the Three Saints of the Western Pure Land, the Temple of the Three Saints is a lavish and magnificent complex that was built to also enshrine ancestors in a solemn yet harmonious atmosphere. Comprehensive Facilities Nirvana Memorial Park has a range of comprehensive facilities, such as the Oriental Café, the Multi-purpose Hall, a reading corner and a praying material store, created for the convenience and comfort of our visitors who come to commemorate and honour their loved ones.

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Comprehensive Facilities

Nirvana Memorial Park provides a supreme relaxation in a tranquil comfortable, healthy and tension-releasing environment.

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