Why is pre-planning important?


According to a general survey, there are three primary concerns among family breadwinners. Matters concerning their children’s future top the list. This is followed by financial pressures of the next generation. In third place is the occurrence of unpleasant incidences such as loss of income, critical illnesses and worse still, loss of life.

Life is uncertain; but death isn’t. That is the universal truth that is shared by all regardless of age, status, race or gender. Anyone who has lived through the unfortunate passing of a loved one will know how devastating it can be. Aside from having to deal with the trauma of losing someone dear, there is the additional stress of dealing with the financial and logistical details.

What would the deceased have wanted? What sort of religious service is appropriate?  Do you choose burial or cremation? Are there adequate funds to cover the entire process?

If providing answers to these questions feel difficult before death occurs, imagine how it would be like when it happens. This is exactly why pre-planning is important for both yourself and your family.


The advantages of pre-planning 

Contrary to popular misconception, planning for it does not make one morbid. Instead, it makes living each day count and brings a new appreciation for life. The advantages in pre-planning are numerous, and it can benefit both you and your family or loved ones in many ways.


5 main advantages of pre-planning for yourself

You assume financial responsibility of your own funeral

When the unthinkable happens, the financial responsibility of your last rites now falls on your family. The average funeral is priced upward of RM20,000 excluding burial plot or columbarium costs. Without any pre-planning or funds set aside, imagine the financial stress such an event places on your family. By pre-planning, you can prevent this by assuming the responsibility yourself.


You will have time and space to consider all factors and concerns

By pre-planning early, you will be able to look around and compare services and prices before committing to any decision; instead of waiting until a crisis occurs when your family will be pressured into making unnecessary choices during a stressful and emotional time. You will also be able to involve your family members in all your decisions.


You can be self-reliant and choose the way you wish to be celebrated and remembered

Through pre-planning, you will get to decide and have final say on every detail of your final send-off without burdening your family with questions and doubts as to what your final wishes are. This way, both you and your family are assured that everything will be taken care of, exactly as you have decided without leaving any reason for dispute.


You get the option of paying over time through an instalment plan

Through pre-planning, you can enjoy the option of paying over time through an instalment plan compared to having to pay a huge lump sum in an immediate situation when death occurs. This helps lighten your financial burdens and you will be able to plan your commitments easier.


You will be able to enjoy greater peace of mind and complete financial planning

One of the costliest and most often ignored events of a person’s time on earth are end of life affairs. It is only sensible to prioritise pre-planning to complete your financial planning in life. By pre-planning, you will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing all your affairs are in place and the knowledge that your family will one day receive the greatest gift of love in your absence.



5 main advantages of pre-planning for your family


Your family will know who to contact in the event of an emergency

Upon a person’s passing, there are over a hundred decisions to be made in the first 24 hours.  All of these decisions would be further complicated and delayed if your family does not know what to do or who they should turn to for advice on such matters.  If there is a pre-plan in place, your family will know who to contact for assistance.


Your family will not be pressured into making hasty decisions

When death occurs, most families tend to be unfamiliar with what needs to be done. During such vulnerable times, they may find themselves pressured into making unnecessary costly decision based on emotions. If pre-planning has been already done, this will circumvent such occurrences as every important decision pertaining to one’s final wishes has already been decided and paid for.


Your family can focus on remembering and healing

With pre-planning, your loved ones can be thoughtfully allowed to grieve and mourn without having to concern themselves with finances and logistical details of arranging a funeral. This way, they can be allowed to focus on remembering and healing.


Your family can avoid being suddenly forced to spend a huge amount to finance a funeral

With pre-planning, your family won’t be forced into a corner with very little room and time to manoeuvre during a very stressful and emotional time. This way, they won’t be compelled to produce a large amount of money to finance a funeral.


Your family is protected from rising funeral costs due to inflation

The cost of dying, like the cost of living, rises every year. By pre-planning today through a pre-need funeral contract, you are essentially locking in today’s prices against future inflation. Your family would be protected from being forced to pay inflated as-need prices when a death occurs in the future.


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