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  • Note 1: Only Training Courses Module is ready for 1st phase Trial Run of the Learning Management System in June 2020.
  • Note 2: Good News, the latest upgrade in August 2020, the Online Examination function is available in the LMS. Now new agents with agent code  can proceed to take online examination at your convenient. The online examination module fees is RM50, however, as a welcome gift, new agents can now enjoy the convenience FREE of charge (only applicable for the first time)  
  • Note 3: The online payment function in the LMS is also ready for use starting August 2020. Now you can manage the course fees payment with a simple few clicks.
  • Note 4: <Training Library> function is now available starting August 2020. Selected  previous training video / publication of newsletter / special sharing sessions will be  posted at this section for viewing and continuous learning of all users.
  • Note 5:<Agent Toolbox> function is also activated, valuable kick start information are compiled for comprehensive reading by new agents and as a tool for career planning. 
  • Stay tuned for more updates on the introduction of the following phase. 
  • 注(一):第一阶段的系统测试只含 Training Courses Module, 
  • 注(二):好消息,2020年8月的升级版LMS已增设线上考试功能。 有代理编号的新代理可以轻松的在您方便的时间在线上上课与考试。此线上考试的费用为RM50,但作为欢迎您加入的礼物,新代理第一次的考试费用完全免费
  • 注(三):在2020年8月份的升级版,LMS新增了线上付款机制,从今以后,您可以以几个简单的步骤,就可以轻松的完成课程缴款。
  • 注(四):<Training Library> 也是2020年8月新增的功能。之前的一些课程录影/专题文章/专题分享等将出现在这项目中让用户参考学习。
  • 注(五):<Agent Toolbox> 准备了很多有用的资讯,让新代理以简单易懂的方式了解富贵事业,并安排本身的事业发展蓝图。
  • 其他 Module 敬请期待下一阶段的推出。

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This section shows what are the courses available in the current month and the training activities of the following month normally will be updated here a week in advance. Stay tuned for all the training info update here. 您可以在此查阅当月最新培训安排,通常此行事历会在每个月的前一个礼拜陆续更新,敬请留意。

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