How does pre-planning work?


Pre-planning can be thought of as a preparation strategy of everything connected to your funeral in and pre-paying for it in advance as a pre-need funeral contract. Depending on your wishes or that of your family’s, the arrangements can vary in cost and details.

Most pre-need funeral contracts like Nirvana Life Plans usually cover the entire process from the moment of death to the funeral, such as type of funeral and religious services, duration of the wake, management of remains or even preferred casket.

Depending on the range of services offered by the bereavement care provider, the choice of final resting place may need to be managed separately. Nirvana, being a convenient one-stop bereavement care provider, is able assist in this aspect aside from its comprehensive pre-need funeral contracts as it also manages an extensive selection of private columbaria and scenic landscaped memorial parks in various nationwide and overseas locations.

When someone passes away, pre-planning will empower the family to set the required actions into motion without having to concern themselves with difficult financial decisions and unfamiliar details. Different individuals may have different needs and choices; the most important thing here is their families can proceed with confidence that they are acting in accordance to the wishes of the deceased. This will give them the freedom to cope with loss and say goodbye.