Burial Plots

Natural tranquility and serene beauty


Exceptional resting places of unrivalled distinction

Excellent Feng Shui is governed by exceptional natural landforms found in the environment. What is termed as good Feng Shui environment consists of five auspicious aspects; namely mountain (termed as “dragon”), meridian spot, water source, protective embraces and direction. The five aspects when found in a conducive setting will produce an environment suitable for amassing positive energies (or “Qi”). Therefore, burial plots found on lands with such desirable features is said to be capable of blessing one’s descendants with great wealth, prosperity and status.


Nirvana’s numerous choices of burial plots located in multiple internationally-acclaimed memorial parks are endorsed by renowned masters and practitioners for having excellent Feng Shui due to exceptional qualities enhanced by extraordinary natural landforms. Each and every memorial park has been recognised for its potential to harness beneficial energies capable of bringing great blessings of good fortune for generations.

The natural beauty and ambience of Nirvana’s memorial parks are further enhanced by unique landscaping designs and architecture that has garnered awards on both state and national levels. Nirvana is not only ideal as a peaceful final resting place, but the definitive choice for generations to call their eternal home.


The Commitment

A commitment that transcends boundaries is bound by true love.

At Nirvana, rest assured the fulfillment of that commitment is our promise.


Burial Plot Types

A place called HOME

Royal Family Burial Plot

Falling leaves will always fall close to the roots of the tree. In traditional Chinese thought, it matters not where one is, or where they go, the home is the warmest haven. Deep in the soul, the heart of the wanderer will always long for home. No matter how far one travels, we will always look forward to the day when we will be reunited with our loved ones. The Royal Family Burial Plot pays homage to this line of thought.


Just as falling leaves return to the roots of the tree, the Royal Family Burial Plot is designed to be an eternal home for loved ones to be reunited in rest, as well as to provide future generations to gather in the spirit of reunion and in celebration of family.

Eminent Glory with Fine Craftsmanship

Family Burial Plot

Every personalized design conveysa different story worthy of commemoration. It can be likened to a beautiful poem with enduring magnificence. Here, you are greeted with fond memories that recall the interests, personalities and characteristics of your loved ones. Through the beauty of art, the cherished memories of your loved ones come alive instantly in this highly treasured memorial. Bask in the glory of your ancestors and be proud of their achievements for their memory will endure for eternity.


Nirvana Memorial Park

8 considerations when choosing a place of burial

Price and possibility of additional fees

The price is of course the foremost and important consideration. However one should always be wary of how a burial plot is priced. Check as to whether it is inclusive of any other additional or hidden fees which will be tacked on later. Some fees might be a one-time payment such as opening and closing the grave. Some cemeteries and memorial parks charge a one-time maintenance fee upon purchase while others may do so annually.

Exact location of the burial plot

Check the exact location of the burial plot before putting your signature on the purchase. A cemetery or memorial park will usually have different burial plot tiers that are priced differently. At times, the sales representative or agent may present the best example from each tier. The last thing you will want is to find the plot you have purchased is situated in a location with undesirable features.

Maintenance, facilities and amenities

Having regular maintenance and other additional facilities and amenities offered are one of the best advantages memorial parks will have over cemeteries. However, you should always investigate as to whether these additional conveniences are of value and who is in charge of these aspects. An operator backed by a trust fund is always more secure than one that is not. You should also take a look at the location to ensure the place is satisfactorily well-maintained.

Long-term personal and family considerations

Most people tend to consider choosing a final resting place to be a deeply personal choice. While it is ultimately important that you should be satisfied about where you choose to spend eternity, you may want to take your family’s needs and opinions into consideration as well. You might not want to choose a location that inconveniences or discourages your family from visiting the site.

Relationship of the operator with the bereavement care provider

A cemetery or memorial park operator that has a close association or relationship with the bereavement care provider will generally offer many conveniences in terms of transportation and other dealings such as packaged deals during funeral planning.

Burial plot options

Most cemeteries and memorial parks especially will have different options for burial plots such as single, double or family plots. Aside from these, always bear in mind that location will have a significant bearing on the cost. The general rule is the more attractive the plot location, the more expensive it will be.

Installation of monuments or headstones

Most memorial parks will carry limitations or restrictions when it comes to choices of monuments or headstones which are meant to maintain landscape aesthetics. Some may require you to engage their operators while others may offer the freedom of engaging an independent contractor. Always check with the operator on their rules and regulations concerning this matter.

Future development plans

A cemetery or memorial park operator’s future development plans will usually provide a clear picture to its financial health. Aside from this, it is also important to know as to whether any of future development plans might impact the current plot’s aesthetics in a negative way.

The difference between memorial parks and cemeteries

While pre-planning or searching for a place to lay a loved one to rest, you would probably come across the terms, “memorial park” and “cemetery”. Occasionally you might even hear the two being used interchangeably. Do these two terms refer to the same thing? While the purpose may be the same, memorial parks and cemeteries are actually distinctively different.


The term cemetery refers to a land designated as a public or association-related burial ground. Most of these are often decades if not centuries old. Public cemeteries are normally owned and operated by local municipal or city councils while association-related ones are usually owned and managed by clan associations or religious bodies. Cemeteries are often notable for haphazard grave plots, lack of monument uniformity and occasionally unkept and overgrown appearance lending to an eerie atmosphere. As most cemeteries have burials going back generations, they contain a wealth of historical insight of local communities. Owing to this, cemeteries can have its own quaint charm and are at times marked as tourist attractions.

Memorial park on the other hand refers to a relatively new concept burial ground that gained popularity in the 20th century. Memorial parks – which are mostly privately managed – were conceived mainly to address the pitfalls of cemeteries in terms of better planning, amenities and most importantly, regular maintenance. As its name implies, a memorial park resembles a park with landscaped elements such as thematic gardens, water features and statuaries. Grave plots and monuments are well-planned and conform to a similar design to harmonise with the natural aesthetics and theme of the memorial park. The overall effect takes away the sombre and eerie atmosphere normally associated with typical cemeteries and replaces it with a warm and welcoming environment that encourages regular visitations.