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The Beauty of Feng Shui

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 9 The Beauty of Feng ShuiWhat is considered good Feng Shui? In a nutshell, it is a condition in which the people and wealth are prosperous. Prosperity from a people perspective implies bountiful descendants while from a wealth...

The beauty of craftsmanship

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 8 The beauty of craftsmanshipCraftsmanship is a kind of mastery and dedication. Craftsmanship is a kind of excellence. Where the heart of ingenuity meets the artistry of craftsmanship, the exquisite skills of Chinese architecture...

The Beauty of the Caisson

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 7 The Beauty of the CaissonThe Tang Villa columbarium is embodied by the beauty of two main artistic spaces. The artistry within sanctuary is the link between space and design, between life and aesthetics. The Seven Stars of the Big...

The Beauty of Avalokitesvara

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 6 The Beauty of AvalokitesvaraThe great compassionate Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara The Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara is also known as Guanyin or the Goddess of Mercy. Her name has the meaning “the one who perceives the cries of the...

The Beauty of the Golden Temple

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 5 The Beauty of the Golden TempleThe Golden Temple: the essence of Tang Villa If there is such a magnificent, dazzling and breath-taking golden temple, where is the first location that comes to mind? Is it China, or is it Japan?...

The Beauty of the Waterside Country

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 4 The Beauty of the Waterside CountryTang Villa: Sacred lotus lake at Clear Water Sanctuary and the majestic 30-feet tall Amitabha Featuring verdant shades and tranquil surroundings, a waterside country garden is constructed on the...

The Beauty of Legacy

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 3 The Beauty of LegacyA masterpiece revival of the prosperous Tang dynasty era Tang Villa is the epitome expression of world-class architecture. The elite architects behind this masterpiece located at Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh),...

The Beauty of Life

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 2 The Beauty of LifeThe Importance of Perseverance After 31 years of breaking conventions, persistent conviction and braving through ups and downs, we have always remained strong and survived through all major obstacles that have...

The Beauty of Tang Villa

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 1 The Beauty of Tang VillaTang Villa was constructed by an experienced design team through thoughtful consideration from a professional perspective. The design, layout and details were carefully managed at every level, and then...

The Most Beautiful Modern Oriental Columbarium in Perak

Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh)’s Tang Villa launched The most beautiful modern Oriental columbarium dedicated to the people of PerakThe Tang Villa ground-breaking ceremony was witnessed and successfully completed with the blessings of everyone present. From the left:...


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BEREEV : For More Complete Life Planning

New Life Planning App.

From 1 Aug to 31 Dec 2021 FREE for Lite.

Following enthusiastic response from new customers, we are now opening FREE registration for existing Nirvana customers. With any purchase of Nirvana products or services, get a permanent BEREEV LITE subscription for FREE.

Golden Harvest Reward

A treasure that grows on trees, the durian is known as the king of fruits in Malaysia. Among them, the MuSang King is the king of kings. In conjunction with our 30th anniversary, Nirvana Asia Group presents the “Golden Harvest Reward” to reward our loyal customers. The reward period is 30 years and is a free gift hence is 100% risk free, with a maximum reward of up to four times the original product purchase price.

NV Memory

NV Memory is a farewell gift that presents the best memories of a person’s life. The entire proceeding is meticulously and carefully orchestrated by Nirvana’s professional bereavement care team who are dedicated to the belief that “death is just like life” – covering the entire process such as embalming, dressing and laying the body out for the viewing, setting up the memorial parlour, and paying of respects by friends and family – with the aim of providing the most thoughtful services and products to celebrate life.


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