Nirvana Memorial Garden (Semenyih)

Ji Le Columbarium

Spacious & Minimalistic · Reasonable & Affordable

All sentient beings are suffering, and attaining Ultimate Bliss is the best way to escape from suffering. Hence, the columbarium here at Nirvana Memorial Park is named after the Ultimate Bliss, which represents another continuation of life for the departed. To be reborn in the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss is to be free from suffering. It also means peace and tranquillity, so that the departed can rest in peace and be sheltered by the Buddha – free from the worries of the world and future generations can live their lives in peace and happiness.

The exceptional design of the columbarium, with a combination of wooden and white shades is a unique blend of tradition and craftsmanship that evokes calmness and assurance that the departed is in a peaceful and tranquil place.

The spacious courtyard outside Ji Le Dian has a beautiful and minimalistic garden style that is relaxing; providing a space for visitors to contemplate and remember loved ones. Within the sanctum, there is a vast space with two levels. A golden statue of the Bodhisattva, Ksitigarbha seated upon a lotus is enshrined on the first floor – creating a sacred and harmonious atmosphere throughout the entire level. While within the columbarium, the Buddha’s light radiates in a peaceful manner, leading the departed to Ultimate Bliss and blessing descendants with a long and healthy life.

The niche panels of the columbarium are pure white and gold; gold representing the light of wisdom and white representing purity and liberation. The theme of the first floor depicts the image of the Bodhisattva admiring a lotus blossom – creating an elegant and atmospheric look and feel – symbolising the attainment of joy for the departed and protection from suffering, and the peace and prosperity of the descendants. The lotus is a sacred flower that symbolises the attainment of enlightenment and perfection of merit. The niche panel is equipped with transparent glass and engraved with scriptures with a golden lotus border to bless the departed and eliminate negative karma.

Ji Le Dian not only has a choice of single and double niche compartments, but it is also reasonably priced. It is an excellent choice as it can be purchased without hassle and the need for a long-term commitment.



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