Nirvana Asia Group donates RM8mil essential supplies to frontliners and lower income people

02 Apr 2020

KUALA LUMPUR: The Covid-19 virus is merciless and knows no bounds, but compassion prevails.

The outbreak is showing no signs of slowing down, and Malaysian government agencies, private enterprises and all layers of society are actively making contributions in the form of monetary funds and supplies to help combat the pandemic.

Nirvana Asia Group has been paying close attention to the situation and is committed to joining other Malaysians in weathering out the storm during this long battle.

The increase in the number of infections nationwide has led to a shortage of protective medical supplies for our frontliners battling the pandemic, to the point that medical personnel are resorting to using improvised makeshift equipment.

Nirvana Asia Group founder and executive chairman Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong immediately looked into every avenue possible to donate the necessary supplies and equipment after learning about the dire situation.

The donation includes 8,700 sets of medical isolation gowns, 600,000 pieces of three-ply surgical face masks, 3,400 sets of medical face shields, and 20 sets of ventilators, with a total worth exceeding RM5.7mil.

The coronavirus attacks multiple organs in the body, with the lungs being one of the first. To treat severe and critically ill patients, organ function support is crucial.

Ventilators in this case are the main medical equipment needed and the shortage of this device is particularly critical in the face of a global pandemic.

Nirvana Asia Group has done everything possible to procure 20 ventilators from foreign countries to alleviate this pressing need.

Kong pointed out that all sections of society and the economy have been hit hard since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Throughout this extraordinary and difficult period, Nirvana Asia Group has stayed true to the concept of “Caring for Life” while standing united with the people in overcoming challenges and adversities.

He said the donation is to alleviate medical supply shortages in hospitals and he hoped that they can be used to support medical personnel during future medical emergencies in the country.

The medical personnel have taken the initiative to seek help. As frontliners in this battle, they have given up so much to care for others and worked tirelessly day and night.

In these gloomy times, Nirvana Asia Group wants to show heartfelt appreciation for their sacrifice through this contribution and cheer them up with practical actions.

Kong also hopes that through this small measure of effort, some positivity and encouragement can be given, aside from direct assistance to those who are affected by the pandemic.

He calls upon everyone to comply with the movement control order which has been extended to April 14. At the same time, he advises everyone to practise good personal hygiene and protective measures such as maintaining a safe distance of 1m from one another, avoid going out if possible and staying at home.

He empathises with those whose livelihood has been affected by the outbreak, especially those from the lower income group.

Therefore, Nirvana Asia has Group has also spent an additional RM2mil to purchase 7,500 to 10,000 sets of supplies and groceries and 500,000 face masks which will be distributed to those in need after the MCO is lifted – depending on the situation in different regions – as part of the group’s corporate social responsibility.