Funeral planning is a complex matter as it involves legal issues, funeral wake decisions, casket choices and even crafting obituaries. Oftentimes, in the time of grief, bereaving families are left to deal with these complex matters. Here at Nirvana Asia Group, you don’t have to fret about it anymore. 


Nirvana Life Plans were designed to make the funeral planning process smooth-sailing. This is done by combining our best services and products in convenient pre-arranged plans. To address any monetary concerns or differences in religion, the plans also come in different price ranges. Moreover, Nirvana Life Plans offers personalised funeral services to fit the wishes and needs of your family. Explore the different plans that are available across Malaysia — be it in the Southern Region, Northern Region or the Central Region. In this article, we’ll discuss about six bespoke services across that are typically offered in the different Nirvana Life Plans.

  • Consultation

With a 24-Hour careline service, you can count on our staff to answer your call or dispel any queries. Be it in emergency situations or for pre-planning purposes, you can be assured that our Nirvana officers are always ready at hand to offer the aid you need. At this stage, clients are able to ask questions, report a death or request for any other help with regards to funeral planning.

Under the Nirvana Life Plan, we dedicate our support from the start to the end. That includes the reporting of death, obtaining the clearance or permit for burial, embalming, providing the casket of choice and even the selected cremation casket or urn.


If you wish to safeguard the dignity of your female loved ones, you could also opt for the Nirvana White Ladies service. This service features an all-female professional service team in Malaysia to facilitate and manage all necessary bereavement care arrangements, including female embalmers, beauticians and masters-of-ceremony. 

  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony

A memorial ceremony is held to memorialise and honour the deceased after the body has been cremated or buried. To relieve the bereaving family the burden of planning for this event, the Nirvana Life Plan includes the service of providing the necessary logistics for the memorial ceremony to take place. For instance, the use of a canopy, majestic altar, the mourning garments or even a decorated photo frame. Simply speak to our consultants to find the right Nirvana Life Plan for your complete bereavement care needs. 

  • Coordination of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony

Depending on the religion of the deceased, the funeral service and memorial ceremony’s traditions will differ accordingly. Our plans offer a Consultation & Support Team that will lead and guide you through both events seamlessly. The Nirvana Life Plans also often include additional logistics such as light refreshments, prayer materials and confectionery gifts, on top of two staff who can be stationed at the respective locations.

  • Funeral Procession Service

Approaching the last phase of the funeral process is the funeral procession service. Beyond providing the logistics required, the Nirvana team seals the casket and provides manpower for the entire ceremony as well. The Nirvana Life Plan offers an option to include the use of a limousine, hearse or an air-conditioned bus at an additional cost.

  • Additional Products & Services

The Nirvana Life Plans also include additional items such:

  • USB Flash Drive with photos of ceremony
  • Production of thank-you cards
  • Mailing of thank-you cards
  • Use of Majestic Table & Accessories at Home


Our Nirvana Life Plans are carefully created with our clients in mind. Aside from making the process of pre-planning smoother for our clients, Nirvana Asia has dedicated service personnel in multiple internationally-certified branches nationwide. Contact us for more information on Nirvana Life Plans available around you today.