Although it can seem a little daunting to pre-plan for your funeral needs, the shift in societal attitudes on talking about mortality has indeed accelerated. Rather, many perceive pre-planning as giving family members a peace of mind when their loved ones depart. That is why here at Nirvana Asia Group, we believe in preparing your funeral arrangements ahead of time, before the need for these services arise.


We know that however resources are scarce. So before you kickstart your journey to planning for funeral needs, let us guide you through on the different aspects to consider, before you commit to any decisions. Here are six steps to pre-planning which can help make your experience smoother.

  • Research and compare bereavement care providers

Bereavement care providers are the cornerstones of any funeral arrangement process. It is critical to stick with a care provider who will be able to advise you on all matters related to a funeral – be it registering the death, choosing burial or cremation options or down to the nitty gritties like finalising the details of the funerals such as ceremonial services or even burial and casket choices. You should consider cost as a determining factor and clarify which services exactly you are paying for. This helps to clear any doubts you’ll have and prevent any misconceptions in the future.

  • Assess your budget and payment options

Funeral costs in Malaysia vary depending on the bereavement care provider. After comparing the prices between different bereavement care providers, you should always take it back with your family and discuss the services you’ll actually need. If there are additional services you should deem unnecessary, this is a good way to cut costs and only pay for what you need. Keeping your funeral expenses budget in mind, you should also ask how the payment options for each provider is like. This helps you to plan finances and also manage your expectations. Depending on the provider, there are always options to pay a single payment or via instalments. If the sum is hefty, you could opt for the provider who offers instalments so that your payment is spread out over a certain period of time.

  • Consider how you would like to be remembered or memorialised

There is no one size fits all solution to this, it is just a preference on how you’d like it to be. This is also where personalisation comes into place. You can choose to decide how your funeral should be, what ornaments to include or how your eulogy should play out. Think about what’s closest to your heart and discuss it with your provider to see how to include those customisations. Moreover, in multicultural and multi-religious countries such as Malaysia, it is important to consider religious guidelines and if your specific provider is able to cater to such services. Chat with our professionals to find the right Nirvana Life Plan for your complete bereavement care needs. 

  • Decide on how you would like to be laid to rest

One of the most important decisions to make is deciding on the method of being laid to rest. In Malaysia, there are two main options available — which are burial and cremation. Each comes with further considerations.


If you decide on burial, you may need to think about the location and how you want to be buried. If you choose cremation, you’ll have to think about whether you’d want to inter the ashes in a columbarium or scatter them at sea. 


At our Nirvana Memorial Parks, we provide a landscaped and peaceful environment for visitors, as a way to encourage extended families to visit and gather.

  • Consider supporting a charitable cause

It is often a traditional gesture for attendees or loved ones to send funeral wreaths and bouquets to the bereft family. However, this practice has evolved over the years and people opt for the money to be donated to charitable causes instead. This provides a meaningful alternative and something for mourners to consider.

  • Ensure your loved ones are informed of your wishes and arrangements

Once you have the arrangements all figured out, be sure to keep your loved ones in the loop. This is so that the next-of-kin will know what immediate needs are required during the aftermath of someone’s passing. Thereafter, it is only left to notify the bereavement care provider to handle all matters.


If you don’t know where to start, our Nirvana professionals will be able to help you. Nirvana Asia Group is a full-fledged funeral service and bereavement care provider that offers comprehensive funeral services that can be tailored to your needs. Contact us to find the right Nirvana Life Plan for your bereavement care needs today.