Remains Spa Treatment & Cadaveric Restoration

Death is distressing, especially from the suddenness of a tragedy or after a long drawn-out illness. Either one can drastically alter a person’s features in an unpleasant way. Even with the blessing of a peaceful passing, post mortem changes can often have an uncomfortable, noticeable effect on a person’s overall appearance. Life can be likened to a flower, beautiful yet fleeting. When a loved one passes, it is important for those left behind to remember them as they were when life was in full bloom. The experience of a positive memory plays a pivotal role in assisting survivors to move towards acceptance, start the grieving process, and begin healing from loss.

The recognition of this importance is what inspired the establishment of Remains Spa Treatment and Cadaveric Restoration, a unique post mortem restorative service introduced by Nirvana Asia Group in 2015. While the concept is still relatively new to this region, it is starting to gain acceptance and popularity for its positive psychological and therapeutic effect on grieving loved ones.



Inspired by the similar practices made popular in Japan, the service is performed by a team of dedicated professionals that include the White Ladies, Nirvana’s all-female bereavement care service team. Through a meticulous spa treatment for a thorough purification process, the afterlife spa treatment uses professional purpose-built toiletries which are combined with unique massage techniques to relax the composure of the deceased. It is almost as if you were pampering your loved one with the best available care in life. This will allow the deceased to be presented in the best possible appearance as they embark on their final journey with dignity.

The service also restores physical appearances from disfigurements, injuries and traumas caused by accidents, and ravages due to illnesses through cadaveric restoration and embalming. Beyond just restoring the appearance, the process does much more as it provides comfort and closure to grieving relatives. Sudden, tragic and unexpected deaths often leave family and friends in a state of shock and disbelief. The opportunity of a last viewing and the ability to see a departed loved one in a state of peace and rest may be the best farewell gift that can be accorded to both the deceased and those left behind.

The Benefits of Remains Spa Treatment

Muscle stiffness occurs soon after death, naturally. Nirvana’s Remains SPA Treatment comes in handy to relax the body.

Cosmetology is easier to perform once the bathing is done. This also helps contain the odour.

For deceased members who were deprived of proper bath due to prolonged illness, this afterlife spa treatment allows them to leave this world in peace and full of dignity and grace, hence saying goodbye to the adult diapers and the pungent medicine.

This is the last opportunity for ablution. In other words, it is the last chance to express your love and care to your loved ones.