We prepare for almost everything in life. To cover for the possibility of accidents and sickness, we have insurance. To get married, couples spend months to years to ensure everything goes right. To safeguard our children’s future education, we start an education fund. To live life to the fullest, we have bucket lists. But hold up, are we forgetting something here?

The irony is while we’re busy preparing bucket lists, we seem to forget or ignore the reason why we have them in the first place; that life is finite. Everyone who is born will eventually pass; it’s not a possibility, but an eventuality.

If the thought troubles you, it should. Irrespective of your position in the family – whether you are a husband or wife; father or mother; or even son or daughter – your passing will be the one single event that impacts your family and loved ones the most, both emotionally and financially. So why are we ignoring it? What do we need to do?

The answer is simple: you should pre-plan.