East Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) . Sibu (Sarawak)

Nirvana Memorial Park

(Kota Kinabalu)


Harmony between Heaven and Earth

One of the pioneering private memorial parks in the history of Nirvana Asia and the first to be located in the East Malaysia state of Sabah, Nirvana Memorial Park (Kota Kinabalu) was established in 1997 at Telipok. The memorial park is situated on Giling Hill about 20 minutes north of the capital city, Kota Kinabalu and can be accessed via Tuaran Highway.



Surrounded by lush greenery and serviced by spacious roads, the Sabahan chapter of Nirvana Memorial Park has natural charm accentuated by Nirvana Asia’s award-winning landscape designs and memorial park planning that feature wonderful architectural and monument designs as well as pleasant gardens that is serene and peaceful.  Aside from its wide choice of burial plots and columbaria, 

Nirvana Memorial Park (Kota Kinabalu) is well-known among locals and visitors alike for having a spectacular sea view and is visible from the highway below right up to Mengkabong Bay. It goes without saying, the land on which it is located is blessed with excellent Feng Shui that is much sought after as a place of eternal rest and to ensure generations of descendants prosper in health and wealth.

Nirvana Memorial Park



A shining example of the continuation of life

Amidst the wondrous backdrop of Sarawak’s natural wonders lies Nirvana Memorial Park (Sibu), located about less than 30 minutes by car from Sibu town. Founded in 2003 as the second iteration of Nirvana’s world-renowned memorial parks to be located in East Malaysia, the memorial park at the time of its establishment was part of Nirvana’s pioneering drive to create a different breed of cemeteries that feature organised planning in excellent Feng Shui settings with gardens and landscaping as well as facilities that focus on visitor comfort and convenience.



Today, Nirvana Memorial Park (Sibu) is a much sought-after place of eternal rest amidst a garden paradise with spectacular views. Like its sister park in Kota Kinabalu, the memorial park has a Christian chapel with modern yet simplistic design that caters to the bereavement needs of East Malaysia’s Christian population.

With many choices of burial plots and monument designs, Nirvana Memorial Park (Sibu) has also expanded on its columbaria facilities with all of the luxury and innovation that makes Nirvana a leader in the industry in Peninsular Malaysia. The modern designs are part of a new conscious approach in pre-planning by a much more informed younger generation.


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