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Nirvana Memorial Park


A resplendent jewel amidst spiritual tranquility

Nestled at the foothills of the Pearl of the Orient is the resplendent jewel that is Nirvana Memorial Park (Penang). One of the most highly prized locations in northern peninsular Malaysia, the columbaria is situated within view of the enormous landmark 99 feet bronze Goddess of Mercy statue that is part of the sprawling Kek Lok Si Temple complex at Ayer Itam – one of the largest and most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Southeast Asia.


The establishment boasts a stunning view of lush mountains, vibrant forests and charming meandering streams – a blissful scene of natural beauty described as reminiscent of Sukhavati, the Western Pure Land that inspired the name of the famed temple nearby. Nirvana Memorial Park (Penang) was developed as a close collaboration between Nirvana Asia and Kek Lok Si Temple trustees; as such, great effort was invested in ensuring architectural elements remain congruent with the overall visual aesthetics of the Buddhist complex and its surroundings.

The luxurious columbaria feature a fusion of traditional and modern that blends time-honoured designs with a fresh perspective. The result is a dignified yet spectacular palatial complex in which families may lay their departed loved ones to rest in supreme tranquillity, peace and comfort. Statues and images of enlightened beings adorn the interior – most notably in the Hall of the Western Trinity that is dedicated to the Three Western Saints – echo the spiritual bliss found at Kek Lok Si.

High up on a hill in a sea of emerald green, Nirvana Memorial Park (Penang) is indeed a rare jewel amidst the pleasing sounds of nature, resonating in harmony with the gentle tolling bells and daily chants from the nearby monastery. It is truly a spiritual paradise for both visitors and departed loved ones.

Nirvana Memorial Park

(Bukit Mertajam)

A blissful and serene sanctuary amidst natural wonders

Located just 20 minutes away from the Penang Bridge at the mainland is the stately and majestic Nirvana Memorial Park (Bukit Mertajam), the second of Nirvana Asia’s chapters in the northern state of Penang. Nestled amidst verdant undulating hills, the memorial park commands a tranquil yet elegant vista and is blessed with one of the best Feng Shui qualities to be found in the northern region.



From beyond the spectacular Chinese-styled archway – one of the largest to be found in the region – Nirvana Memorial Park (Bukit Mertajam) is a masterpiece that embodies the meticulous planning and landscaping designs that Nirvana is well known for.  It draws inspiration from both eastern and western cultural elements to create a harmonious blend between ancient and modern that complements the natural atmosphere of its surroundings.

One of its greatest attractions is the grand Ji Fu Palace – an architectural wonder that echoes welcomes the ancient Chinese palaces of old. Within, visitors are welcomed into a realm of grand magnificence. The complex functions as both a spiritual sanctuary as well as a repository for cinenary urns. Exquisite and intricate works of art grace every inch of the main ceremonial hall and columbarium to create a perfect spiritual sanctuary for both the living and the departed.

Far from being just a place of eternal rest, the memorial park is dotted with pleasant leisure gardens, silvery lakes and traditional Chinese pavilions that not only enhance its visual aesthetics but also adds value to the comfort and convenience of visitors. A lot of time, care and resources are invested in the planning of the park that consists of multiple choices of burial plots that caters for multiple denominations. Breathtakingly beautiful, extraordinary detailed and wonderfully serene, the Nirvana Memorial Park (Bukit Mertajam) is a true embodiment of bliss – a paradise where departed loved ones may rest in the arms of nature and eternal peace.

Nirvana Memorial Park

(Sungai Petani)

Enchanting haven of oriental splendour and regal majesty

Set amidst the rolling countryside and verdant hills of Sungai Petani in Kedah, Nirvana Memorial Park (Sungai Petani) is the northernmost memorial park in peninsular Malaysia. Envisioned as an enchanting imperial garden with temples, statuaries, prayer hall, function halls, pavilions and extensive landscaping, Nirvana Memorial Park (Sungai Petani) combines traditional oriental splendour with the trappings of modern conveniences to create a tranquil haven for reflection and remembrance of loved ones.


Set in a location that taps directly into the “veins of the dragon” from a Feng Shui perspective, Nirvana Memorial Park (Sungai Petani) boasts a spectacular panorama that reveals the sprawling rustic countryside of Kedah’s largest town, less than 10 km southeast from the town centre. Feng Shui masters have described the location as a priceless treasure that is not only conducive for the peaceful rest of departed loved ones, but also blessed with the essence of nobility and magnificence that gives rise to distinguished descendants.

Every aspect of the memorial park is a testimony to Nirvana Asia’s meticulous attention to detail, – from the well-planned, garden-style burial plots to the glorious oriental architecture that merge seamlessly and harmoniously with the natural environment. Nirvana Memorial Park (Sungai Petani) offers a well-planned environment with graceful landscaping, serene surroundings and a full range of facilities and amenities with the benefit of a maintenance trust fund for added peace of mind, making it a much sought after final resting place that safeguards the posterity of ancestors and future prosperity of descendants.


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