Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 9

The Beauty of Feng Shui

What is considered good Feng Shui? In a nutshell, it is a condition in which the people and wealth are prosperous. Prosperity from a people perspective implies bountiful descendants while from a wealth perspective it implies the abundance of material resources and riches. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) has a rare Qilin Treasure meridian point. Its unique ultimate architectural masterpiece, Tang Villa, not only recreates the opulence of the Tang dynasty but also highlights the beauty of Feng Shui through its excellent landforms that shelters it from the wind and gathers the Qi to promote prosperity and wealth. The landscape has an aura of fortune and auspiciousness that blends together to confer generations of descendants with blessings of peace and prosperity!

Qilin Treasure meridian point: a supportive location for both wealth and prosperity

The ancients believed that laying one’s ancestors to rest in a site with excellent Feng Shui would bring good fortune to future generations. Feng Shui focuses on the landforms of the natural environment, namely the mountains, embraces, meridian point, water and direction, and most notably the flow of Qi and water around the burial site in order to be considered an excellent Feng Shui formation. Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) in Perak has a rare and precious meridian spot. Surrounded by mountains and water, endlessly flowing and vibrant, it is the perfect place to lay one’s ancestors to rest and a treasure of a location to bring blessings to future generations.

After being surveyed by Philip Wong, the chief Feng Shui consultant of Nirvana Asia Group, Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) was certified as the Feng Shui formation, “Qilin Treasure Meridian Point” which can be described as a rare once-in-a-lifetime Feng Shui treasure. Wong pointed out that the incoming dragon of Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh), described as majestic and stretching for miles, originates from the central Titiwangsa range of Peninsular Malaysia.

“The terrain resembles a Qilin lying on its side, looking up at the broad Bright Hall with a mountain in front of it; and the Green Dragon and White Tiger embraces on each side protect those within. The divine Feng Shui formation, complemented by moist red and yellow earth with five colours is in line with the Feng Shui criteria supportive of wealth and prosperity.”

Philip Wong said that since ancient times, there have been ten famous meridian points in Feng Shui, among which the Qilin Treasure Meridian Point is the most popular among emperors and business people.

“Because the Qilin represents bravery and might – and at the same time possessing the Confucianist virtues of benevolence and compassion – it has been adopted as a symbol for emperors and nobility at the center of the five directions. Additionally in folklore, there are Qilins bearing offspring which is seen to be prosperous, representing many descendants.”

The land has what is called “Earth Spirit” in Feng Shui, which is the kind that produces talented individuals. According to Confucian classics and folklore, when a Qilin appears, the world be at peace and prosperous, and great sages and nobles will appear.

Master Philip Wong (Chief Feng Shui consultant of Nirvana Asia Group)

Ipoh Tang Villa: Qilin Treasure Meridian Point confers blessings

A world in a wild flower, and a bodhi in a leaf. Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh)’s Tang Villa is a combination of ancient and modern architecture and Nirvana craftsmanship, containing rich traditional and philosophical connotations of Feng Shui through flower, grass, brick, tile, water and lotus.

The Taiji Feng Shui symbol explains the yin and yang of all things in the world, including the landscape, heaven and earth, movement and stillness, sun and moon, day and night, and life and death, is a subtle relationship of opposition and unity; just like the emotional relationship between the living and the departed, which is both separate, yet together.

Philip Wong points out that Tang Villa is a place of communication and remembrance between ancestors and their descendants, or between the departed and their loved ones, between the yin and the yang, while praying for the peaceful repose of ancestors in a place of excellent Feng Shui and that through the integration of ancestral spirits with the spirit of the earth, descendants will be blessed with prosperity and security for generations.