Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh) Series 4

The Beauty of the Waterside Country

Tang Villa: Sacred lotus lake at Clear Water Sanctuary and the majestic 30-feet tall Amitabha

Featuring verdant shades and tranquil surroundings, a waterside country garden is constructed on the mountain amidst the forest facing Tang Villa and the Golden Temple. The location has excellent Feng Shui and it adopts the concept of “natural harmony” as its main basis. The design style features emerald greenery, blue lakes, stone sculptures and cool breeze to create a serene and tranquil environment. A magnificent 30-feet high statue of the Buddha, Amitabha stands by the sacred lotus lake – its solemn presence as if illuminating the Tang Villa with boundless like – embodying the idea of the Buddha bringing blessings to beings everywhere.

Enjoy the tranquil beauty of neo-Oriental waterside country gardens

The waterside country garden follows the neo-Oriental style in design; combining traditional Oriental elements with contemporary design features. Taking greenery as a starting point, comfortable modern elements are injected to create a unique landscape full of traditional charm which at the same time maintains the new style of contemporary times.

The design concept of the neo-Oriental waterside country garden is mainly composed of four major landscape elements; stone sculptures, greeneries, water and pavilion – all with the effect of enhancing the scenery. The “pavilion” is placed between the greenery and water from which one can admire the flowers, water and sculptures to achieve a level of peace and harmony.

As we enter the landscape, the first thing one could feel is the vibrancy and beauty of spring; then comes the magnificent 30-feet statue of Amitabha Buddha in all its breathtaking solemnity. As the sunlight streams over the statue, the warm rays are complemented by the cool breeze blowing over the lotus lake – allowing for quiet contemplation and recollection of loved ones. It evokes memories of returning home to one’s ancestral home and the voices of those gone before come alive once more; providing visitors who come here with a sense of peace and calm in their souls.

The Buddha’s guidance to the Pure Land: Blessings for future generations

The Amitabha Buddha is a beautiful expression in Buddhism signifying infinite light and infinite life; light representing wisdom and life representing good fortune. Amitabha Buddha, together with the Bodhisattvas, Avalokitesvara and Mahasthamaprapta are known as the “Three Saints of the West”. When Amitabha became a Buddha, he made 48 Great Vows, one of which is that those who recite his name at the end of life will be guided by him to be reborn in the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

Amitabha Buddha is the Lord of the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss and the statue on the lotus lake is depicted with its open right hand hanging down in a gesture of bestowing compassion and its left hand holding an alms bowl, indicating the source of all past rebirths and Amitabha’s willingness to guide all aspiring sentient beings. The statue of Amitabha stands on a lotus platform, overlooking the faithful who worship from his throne, eternally blessing ancestors and future generations.

The tranquil lotus lake: A celebration of the beauty of life

The meticulously constructed lotus lake is an artificial lake, set off by lush vegetation, and the surrounding rustic bridges and antique pavilions create a natural and tranquil courtyard scene. Multitude lotus blossoms bloom on the lake – inspired by the one created by Amitabha’s vow – as if conjuring a vision of Amitabha guiding beings to his pure land towards enlightenment.

The lotus is sacred in Buddhism. It is divided into three parts: the root, the blossom and the seedpod representing the past, present and next lives respectively. The lotus blossom in full bloom represents the present, the root underneath ground represents the past, and the seedpod represents the future. When the faithful in the Saha world makes an aspiration to be reborn in the Western Pure Land, a lotus blossom will begin to grow in the lotus lake there. The flower is the blossom of merit and virtue from which Amitabha will guide sentient beings to his pure land.