Who should pre-plan?


There are people in their 20’s and 30’s considering pre-planning, while there are people in their 40’s and 50’s who may think it’s too early to even think about it. Majority are likely to hold the perception that those in their senior years should consider pre-planning because – for the lack of a better way to say it – they are closer to the “expiring age”. Who then is right, and who is wrong?

The answer may come as a surprise; nobody is wrong and everyone is right. The truth is there is no age demographic that makes one more eligible to pre-plan than the other (with exception perhaps for those who are still too young to earn their own income). To understand the rationale to this, one can ask: who should marry? The answer is simple: those who are ready.  The same answer is also applicable when it comes to the subject of who should pre-plan.

Different factors may come into play for each individual considering pre-planning such as personal experiences, financial capability, mental awareness and concern for the welfare of their loved ones. The one thing these individuals have in common is readiness. As long as you feel mentally ready and financially stable to consider the idea, then you should pre-plan.