Funeral arrangements can be tedious and the reason why many people would opt for a bereavement care provider to plan out their needs instead. That is because most funeral service contracts like our Nirvana Life Plans cover the entire process — from the moment of death to the funeral itself and its logistics, such as religious services, management of remains or even the preferred casket. If you’re looking for the right bereavement care provider to handle your pre-planning needs, read on further. Here are six advantages to consider when you choose from our Nirvana Life Plans. 

  • Reputation for professional and outstanding service

With over 30 years of experience in bereavement care and private memorial park operations, Nirvana was founded on the principle that every life deserves to be remembered with respect and given the dignity of a proper final send-off. By choosing Nirvana Asia Group, you can be assured that not only will your pre-planning needs be met with our multi-denominational Nirvana Life Plans, but you can also expect exceptional service from our care professionals.

  • Best choices for every need at affordable prices

Depending on where you live in Malaysia, you can look forward to different plans at varying price points. We understand that funeral planning is a complex matter and we wish to make it accessible for you. Hence, we strive to provide you with the best choices in terms of services and products to cater for every need at affordable prices. 


Explore the five Nirvana Life Plans here in Malaysia by branches — Northern, Southern, East Malaysia or the Central Region.

  • Backed by a trust fund managed by independent trustees

We take the needs and interests of our clients seriously. That is why Nirvana is backed by a trust fund managed by independent trustees as a safety net. This trust fund was implemented in place to ensure that Nirvana’s memorial parks will continue to be managed for road works, garden landscaping and infrastructure maintenance. Hence, no matter what happens, you or your family’s future needs will continue to be in safe hands.

  • Integrated bereavement care services by professionals

Nirvana Asia Group believes in providing timely care when you plan for a funeral or memorial service. As such, our memorial parks and integrated centres are fully equipped with facilities and the professional service you’d need. We pride on our full-fledged funeral related products and services, including urns, cremation, worship services, memorial parks, columbaria or even burial plots. This is so that you can get the relevant help whenever necessary. 

  • One careline number for immediate assistance

Our 24-hour careline service hotline is tended by dedicated service personnel for consultation or immediate service. Our multiple internationally-certified branches nationwide coupled with a wide network of professional authorised agents, our care professionals are always ready to assist with every need and enquiry.

  • Flexibility of payment

Here at Nirvana, we pride ourselves in paying tribute to life as well as caring for it. Aside from our variety of products and services, we offer convenience through flexibility with our interest-free instalment payment plans. We only wish to give you a peace of mind, in a time of distress. Clients can opt for our 0% interest instalment plan that is payable up to 36 months, along with a low down-payment.


As an integrated bereavement care provider, Nirvana operates with the core aim to support your funeral needs and make your journey as hassle-free as possible. Entrust Nirvana with your bereavement care needs and get started with your pre-planning options today.