Because of love

we will meet again

How are you doing in another parallel universe?
This is a book created by a pair of parents for their child who likes to draw.
It’s a colourful storybook called, “Because of love, we will meet again”.
The main character features a lively and lovely little girl.
Even when her grandpa suffers from cancer and chemotherapy causes him discomfort, he doesn’t give up on life easily till the day he passes away.
The little girl is still full of hope and love for the world.
This time, we have invited Nai Seow Hong from Grief Care & Ritual and Culture Management Department to share with us the story of this picture book so that Seow Hong can bring the little girl’s positive view on life and death to everyone.

Date : 14.05.2022 (星期六 Saturday)
Time : 8.00 PM
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A story about Life Cafe Logo

A story about Life Cafe Logo

Coffee beans and life both undergo ups and downs to achieve the perfect flavour. However, when each scene of life and every coffee bean are put into the filter together, what kind of taste will it produce? Even though the ethereal aroma of coffee will eventually fade away with the wind, the Life Café will continue to present fascinating life contents, and you can savour the unique taste of life.