Conversations about death are often avoided in casual conversations, with many being uncomfortable discussing anything pertaining to their eventual demise. However, it’s an imminent part of life, which is why pre-planning is so important. A crucial aspect of funeral services in Malaysia is choosing your final resting place, where some might prefer a headstone in a cemetery while others might opt for Nirvana’s memorial parks.

The changing trends of funerals might have many dismissing or ignoring the choice of the final resting place, without realising the magnitude of the decision. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider how your funeral and bereavement care needs are being done. It has to be planned carefully while you are still able to do so. 

Let’s jump right into it! 

Getting Closure

Having a good final resting place allows you or your loved ones the opportunity to grieve. Grief is an important part of the healing process and helping you or your loved ones get closure from the passing. 

In order to support the delicate grieving process, the location plays no small role in affecting that process. The accessibility of the location can provide an added convenience, allowing you or your loved ones to visit the spot when you need to. 

Bad ambience can also prevent one to grieve properly. A serene atmosphere, which can typically be found at Nirvana’s memorial park, provides you with the space needed to get the closure required. 

A Pleasant Memory 

After the end of life, loved ones tend to gather at the burial spot to connect with others or with the one who has passed. Hence, a good location can facilitate the formation of stronger connections and bonds that helps the loved ones involved. 

Most importantly, the final resting spot is where loved ones gather to reminisce about the memories with or of the departed. It’s also how their memories are preserved in a cemetery or memorial park.  Therefore, it becomes vital for you to pick a location that will incite positive memories to make the departure less painful for all.

That’s why many memorial parks have tranquil settings and ample space around the headstones, which allows the loved ones left behind to achieve the above.  

Professional & Compassion In Funeral Services

Death is a very painful experience, especially for those in mourning. The entire process of the funeral arrangements can take a toll on them, and the last thing anyone needs is complications in the process of procuring a final resting place. 

Most families will look at the cost of funeral services in Malaysia, but an often-overlooked part of the process is the team you’ll be liaising with. The funeral services team needs to be compassionate and professional to make the process less painful than it already is. 

When you opt for a memorial park from a distinguished integrated bereavement care provider like Nirvana, you can be assured that we’ll provide a comforting experience for you or your loved ones. 

Being Close To Family

Besides selecting a good team and a great location, the ‘companions’ at the resting place can also affect the process of funeral planning. It’s not unheard of for people to be resting near their loved ones. You’ll probably need to look at memorial parks that offer family burial plots

So, what should you consider when buying a family burial plot? 

Finding a place that allows you or your loved one to be near their preferred ‘neighbours’ can be a big part of the decision. Whether it’s beside their partner or their family members, there might be some preferences involved. 

A family burial plot can also make it convenient for loved ones to visit as a group and rekindle fond memories. 


Regardless of your funeral needs, we’re sure that we can deliver the exceptional funeral service you require in Malaysia. From memorial parks to funeral planning, contact us to find the right Nirvana Life Plan for your complete bereavement care needs.