A funeral is an important event to honour the loss of a loved one. However, the bereavement process often involves beyond just that. Funeral processes can be complex and may get in the way of the grieving process and honouring the life of your loved ones. Which is why here at Nirvana, we care about your end-of-life planning so you can focus on what’s most important – grieving. As a full-fledged funeral service and bereavement care provider, we offer comprehensive funeral services be it from funeral planning to burial plots and columbarium locations. 

While planning a funeral in advance is not a conversation many would have, we believe that proper arrangements should be made to prepare ourselves for the future. Planning ahead ensures that the funeral is what your loved ones will want and need. However, what does pre-planning for funeral services entail, and how do you go about engaging a bereavement care provider? Read on as we bring you through our services here at Nirvana. 


Honouring the Life of a Loved One

If you have never been involved in the planning of a funeral, it can be daunting to not know where to start. With the Nirvana Life Plan, you don’t have to fret when the need arises. Nirvana Life Plan aims to ensure the funeral planning process is hassle-free by combining our services and products into convenient, pre-arranged plans. Our services encompass the following:


Step 1: Planning

When you have a plan in place, it brings about a peaceful mind for the bereaved family.  With the 24-hour careline, clients are able to contact our service representatives at any point in time to guide them through on the steps to be taken. You can choose from the various Nirvana Life Plans to meet your budget requirements and choose from our multi-denominational packages. 


Step 2: Transportation

With Nirvana’s professional services, our team will assist in securing the body of the deceased and transporting it before the wake and funeral. We also prepare the necessary transportation for the funeral procession and clients can opt for the use of a limousine, hearse or an air-conditioned bus.


Step 3: Documentation

Beyond the funeral itself, there are many tasks that the family members would need to carry out — such as reporting the death and obtaining the burial permit. With the aid of our representatives, the grieving family would not need to worry in the midst of the emotional distress. 


Step 4: Funeral Organisation

For an ease of mind for the bereaved family members, Nirvana Asia Group prepares everything needed for the memorial ceremony as well as the funeral procession. This includes decorative pieces, cremation caskets as well as refreshments and even manpower support for the wake. Clients can also be rest assured that Nirvana will oversee the coordination of the entire funeral service and memorial ceremony.  


Regardless of your funeral needs, Nirvana is able to deliver the exceptional funeral service for your loved one in Malaysia. From memorial parks to funeral planning, contact us to find the right Nirvana Life Plan  for your complete bereavement care needs.