Are there spirits in a happy afterlife?

Death is the end and a part of life.

Frequently, since the subject of death cannot be avoided, parents may wish to use picture books to help children understand. Only through understanding can we live a happy and contented life.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, the expert on the subject of death and dying, mentioned in her book “On Children and Death” that picture books and games processes help children understand and face death. Through parent-child co-reading, the subject of “death” is presented in picture books, and in the process of co-reading and guided reading, learn to welcome unexpected questions from children at any time.

This time, we have invited educator Chen Hui Jun to narrate stories for children, to enable them to grow up happily with understanding of life and to soothe their young hearts.

Date : 02.07.2022 (星期六 Saturday)
Time : 8.00 PM
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