Forensic medicine, a profession that allows evidence to “speak”

Forensic medicine is a profession that is often confused with dealing with the dead; but in fact, is not. Because forensics has added some mystique to the profession, and has even been hailed as the “vanguard” of criminal investigations, what it involves is to search for traces that provide clues and evidence for solving cases.

A classic line from “Dr Qin Medical Examiner”: Every corpse has its own code, and once we crack it, it will speak.

Perhaps, you will find it mind-boggling; but this is why forensic medicine is invaluable.

In August 2022, we are inviting Dr Tan Ran Zhi, the deputy director of Sungai Buloh Hospital’s Department of Forensics as our guest to unveil the mystery of forensic medicine together.

Date : 20.08.2022 (星期六 Saturday)
Time : 10.00 AM
Venue : Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur (Nirvana2), M1 Training Hall

Registration Fee:RM30/person (limited seats, please complete registration before 1 August 2022) *Registration fee will be donated to charity

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