While death is still considered to be a taboo subject across many cultures or countries, we can also see a shift in perspective of people who’d choose to plan for their own funeral. This happens due to a variety of reasons, be it budgeting or convenience. This change has also brought about the term ‘pre-planning’ that many funeral parlours these days offer as part of their services. You can choose to pre-plan for yourself or even your loved ones, to ease the grieving process when the need arises. Nirvana Asia Group is a full-fledged integrated bereavement care provider in Malaysia. We care about So what are some considerations to choosing the best funeral parlour suited for you? Let us bring you through some aspects to consider on deciding on a funeral provider that will suit your needs. 

What is Pre-planning?

Let’s start with understanding the concept of pre-planning a funeral. To put it simply, pre-planning means to put in place funeral arrangements prior to the actual funeral procedure. It can serve as an insurance and protection for you and your loved ones as opposed to not knowing what to do in times of distress. It also reduces the concern of having to concern themselves with financial decisions or unfamiliar situations such as registering for death or even funeral logistics. While the concept may seem novel or even morbid, here at Nirvana, we believe it is of importance to prepare for the future in order to prevent confusion and to safeguard your wants and needs. That is why transparency and quality are the core of our services. 


Now, let us bring you through four things for you to consider before engaging a funeral parlour for your funeral pre-planning.


A funeral is a private and intimate event held for family and loved ones of the deceased. As such, it is important to seek out what services do the funeral parlours exactly offer that will cater to your wants and needs. It is also important to note if they provide the services you’d need, as opposed to just the services you want. This is so that you make your money worth and are fully accounted for in every aspect of the funeral service. Here at Nirvana, we offer the Nirvana Life Plans Packages at varying price points to cater to your budgetary concerns.


Opting for a bereavement care provider that is within your budget is a crucial factor. Not only should the services be affordable, but you could also consider if the price reflects the quality as well. Knowing what is the average market rate would also require you to do some research and compare between different bereavement care providers.

Religious and cultural considerations

Religion and funerals are directly correlated. It is definitely a determining factor in your decision-making process, hence you should always inquire if they are religiously or culturally affiliated with your religion. This is so that the bereavement care provider is able to advise you on the processes and details that are tailored to each religion or culture. 


Engaging the best funeral parlour is key in every pre-planning process. Nirvana Asia Group is committed to support your funeral needs and make your journey as seamless as possible. Trust in Nirvana for your bereavement care needs and get started on your pre-planning funeral service today.